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Thursday, March 3, 2016

SONY did something that everyone should applaud. SONY is known to do some dumb shit. Its in their DNA but they came up with a genius idea. Every OEM who uses a skin should do the same thing. Let the fan vote. what SONY did was create a concept software. They used stock Android then the SONY fans voted back what they want in via feedback channel from the old software. So you see what the final result is. The fans didnt want most of the tweaks. Just compare the Z5 to the new Xperia X. SONY listened to their fans. The concept idea worked. They kept the features the fans wanted. Everyone wins. The other OEMs need to do the same thing. Lets see what the fans vote on keeping. They created the X line to replace the Z line so they wanted to see what to keep or change.

you can see the before and after here


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