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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Topic: Unknown result of wicked act.
Text: Habbakuk 2:9
Woe to him who obtains wicked gain for his house, [who thinks by so doing] to set his nest on high that he may be preserved from calamity and delivered from the power of evil!
Hunn, it is not normal for a man to make another person crying for his/her right by forceful effort to dragged he/her benefit.
Is it possible for wicked person to run away from the present of God. There is no hiding place for the wicked because he will surely be exposed one day.
Brethren, build your plans on the good platform so that you will not end up in rotten. It is good to think about the best inheritance that can never be indulge in any ways because is deal with uprightness not be chance but by harding work and mercy of the grace of God.
There is no scape through for anyone after departing from this world. Whatever you sow, you shall reap. It is foolish that do bad thing and build a hug fence as guide to protect him because he lack the principle of understanding of God.
How can someone did what is evil and make a edge of bronze weapons to guide himself/ herself is that not folly.
It is not reasonable at all because for a real child of God being contract with such improper altitude and unsentimental evil acrimony.
Brethren, leap before you acted on the role that you know the end is not certain. Nobody can determine the time he/she would die because the appointed time for individuals are not known to anyone and is God that determines it.
Anything you do, always remember the day that you will die. After death no repentance again. Use your chance today before it is too late. Embark not in wicked act again and I pray God will help you.
Ask God to forgive you if you have involved in such evil act before and I pray God will forgive you.
George Ayodele. Living Water Christ International Outreach Mission.


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