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Thursday, March 3, 2016

: Why I dissociate Myself from Seun.......
Toyin Aimakhu finally speak out

I just hope Toyin can relax, take enough time to redirect and refocus her life. This is always the issue with ladies who go into marriage with the wrong mindset of competing with their husband; you will just see yourself feeling too big, claiming to be who or what you are not. Anyway, I sent her a personal message about this saga and it's really good to see she's beginning to think straight.

You had issues with your husband and you think the next thing for you is to jump into the arms of another man? Sincerely, I never experienced such level of stupidity by married women until I got to Lagos.

Now after the 'show' between she and Egbege, she's disassociating herself. Be a woman, dear. Goodluck!


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