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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Woman is shot dead at wedding after refusing arranged marriage to her cousin(Photos)

A Kurdish father living in Germany has called for justice after his daughter was gunned down after refusing an arranged marriage.
'Shilan' was just three when her family fled Iraq , and grew into a confident woman, became a German citizen and studied property management.
Now the 21-year-old  was shot in the head at a wedding in Hannover as her devastated family watched on.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for her cousin Sefin N. (German law prohibits publishing his full name).
The victim's father Ghazi, 50, says his brothers decided she should marry his brother's son Numan while he was on an aid mission in Iraq and when he returned she begged him to stop the wedding from going ahead, reports Bild . 

He claimed the murder was vengeance for her spurning her cousin. He said dozens of guests recognised Sefin at the scene.
He wrote on Facebook:

"With great sadness, pain and a bleeding heart, I announce the death of my beloved daughter Shilan."

He said she was the victim of "an insidious betrayal, customs and traditions", and added:

 "It is a crime against an innocent person.We live here in Europe!"


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