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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jesus must be manifested in my life

In Gal 1:24,

And they glorified God in meKJV, American Edition

The above passage means they honour God with praise because of you. It means they honour God with admiration because of you. In a nutshell, for God to be glorified in you, it means you will become a divine advertisment. However, to glorify God in you, there is one thing that must happen. What is this thing? The answer lies in Romans 8:19.

In Rom 8:19,

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of GodKJV, American Edition

So, what must happen (for God to be glorified in you) is that YOU MUST MANIFEST. What does it mean to manifest? It means to appear; to unveil; to discover; to make you conspicuous; to make you noticeable; to put your destiny beyond doubt; to showcase; to reveal. This scripture is very deep. It shows that alot of people appear on earth but never show up. They are present but absent. Everyone remains ordinary until they manifest. Until you manifest, you will make no impact. Until you manifest, you will float around life like a dead fish. When you manifest, God has brought you into prominence. When you manifest, everything about you changes.

I decree upon your life that your past shall instantly become past tense and a new you will manifest and God shall make you a praise.

For many years I lived in Akure. In Akure, we used to have a mad man named Lion of Judea. If you give him rice to eat, he will first of all pour the rice into sand, pack the rice with the sand and begin to eat - a chronic mad man. If you went to this Lion of Judea in the marketplace, and you say, "Lion of Judea, they taught us mathematics in class and I don't understand. Immediately you mention the word mathematics, his madness clears off and he will ask, "Is it Algebra? Is it Geometry? Is it Arithmetic? Which is it?" Once you specify which it is, this mad man will use his finger to write on the ground and explain it to you in a way that will make your school teacher look stupid. Again, if you say, "Lion of Judea, they taught us History, but I don't understand". His madness clears away and he asks, "Is it European history? Is it African history? Is it World history?" Once you mention which History it is, he explains it to you and simplies it in a way that will make your school teacher very foolish. However, after explaining this to you, he goes back to his madness.
Here was a man in the marketplace with the brain of a super professor, but the enemy has kept him away from manifesting by pressing him down.

God himself is a God of manifestation. The earnest expectation of the creature is looking forward to the manifestation of the sons of God. A lot of things are waiting for you to manifest. There are many things that will not get into shape in your family, environment or the nation until you manifest. There are people whose destinies are attached to yours. Until you shine, they will not shine. Try as you may when God blesses you, you cannot hide it, people will see it. You have been ordained to shine and you must shine. When you manifest, your gender will not matter. Nobody will even consider the color of your skin. When you manifest, no one will worry about your background, tribe or race. When your manifestation comes, your life will be a testimony. You will be experiencing miracles that will give birth to other miracles. Fellow human beings will begin to think you are a spirit. When you manifest, terrible things happen to those challenging God in your life. You become a pacesetter - you stand out in progress and achivement. You become the delight of heaven. The hands of the enemy then becomes too short to fight with you. When you manifest, you become like one of those men in the bible that refused to die: Shadrach, Daniel, Elijah, Enoch. You become a reverence point for amazing testimonies.


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