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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ss 3 scheme of work. Economics


Economic lessons from Asian tigers, Japan (1960-2000)
Review of the development strategies employed by the Asian tigers, Japan, Europe and America

Lessons for the Nigerian economy

Human capital development

Factors that affect the efficiency of human capital

Distinguish between human and physical capital

Brain drain and its effect on the Nigerian economy

Arresting brain drain

Petroleum and the Nigerian economy
Development of petroleum industry

Contributions of petroleum to the Nigerian economy (positive and negative)

Roles of NNPC in the exploration, producing, refining, marketing and distribution of petroleum products.

Manufacturing and construction
Meaning of manufacturing and construction

Types of manufacturing (crafts, food processing etc.)

Construction of manufacturing and construction sector to Nigerians' GDP.

Roles of manufacturing and construction in economy development

Service industries
Meaning of service industries

Examples of service industries (tourism, transport, banking, insurance, warehouse, advertisement etc.)

Contributions of service industries to development

Agencies that regulate the financial markets
Agencies that regulate money markets (i.e. CBN, NDIC etc.)

Tools/instruments used in money markets

Agencies that regulate capital markets

Objectives of regulating capital markets

Tools/instruments used in capital markets

Functions and roles of regulatory agencies
Functions of CBN, NDIC, SEC etc.

Significance of the agencies in the economy

International trade
Meaning and types

Reasons for international trade

Barriers of international trade

Differences between domestic and international trade

Advantages and disadvantages of international trade

International trade
Reasons for trade protection

Instrument of trade protection

Theory of comparative cost advantage and its short coming

Globalization, meaning, features, challenges and opportunities globalisation presents to the Nigeria economy.

Balance of payment
Balance of trade (BOT) definition and measurement

Terms of trade (TOT) definition and measurement

Balance of payment (BOP) current A/C, capital A/C and monetary movement A/C, give exercise to students. Emphasis balance, surplus and deficit balance of payment.

How to finance deficit balance of payment

Devaluation of currency. Meaning and effects


Economic growth and development
Definition and distinctions between economic growth and development

Underdevelopment and its characteristics

Solution to underdevelopment

Strategies for economic development

Economic development planning
Meaning and reasons of planning

Types of plan

Problems of planning

Nigerians' planning experiences

International economic organisation
Historical development of these organisations (ECOWAS, ECA, IMF, IBRD, ADB, OPEC, GATT, UNCTAD)

Aims, objectives and roles of the organisations

Current economic plans, MDGs, NEEDS, VISION 2020
Meaning and objectives of MDGs, NEEDS, VISION 2020

Economic development challenges
Meaning and effects of poverty

Methods of poverty alleviation and eradication

Agencies for poverty alleviation (NAPEP, NDE etc.)

HIV/AIDS and the economy

Corruption and the economy

Power and energy inadequacy

Economic reform programs
Consolidation of the financial institutions

Privatization and commercialisation





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