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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is your take on this issue of over dominance in relationships

       TOLU a very young agile beautiful struggling young lady was able to see herself through University to study theater art.
        Throughout her stay in university she supported herself financially because her parents were not well to do financially. She juggled between several odd jobs just to keep body and soul together..

      TOLU is finally out of school and seriously looking for A WHITE Collar job..

     Just three months ago...  TOLU met a very cool handsome dude that is ready to settle down with her in marriage for better for worse.
     But then just two weeks ago the man became unbearable for TOLU............
He became over protective and over caring or better still over protective as in always calling on her to know her where about...
   Always checking her call logs to check on who she had called during the day....
       Always checking her Whatsapp bbm Facebook and messages to see and read her messages without her permission.

Atimes this always leads to serious . 

Should TOLU pull out of the relationship or continue.

What do you think
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