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CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE


Part A: Comprehension

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

Dada's sharp tongue always got him into trouble with other children of his age in the small village of agatha. But whenever exchange of hot words was going to result in a fight, Dada would try to frighten off his opponent by saying, "Just wait, I'm going to call ojuju" . Ojuju was feared by all children. He was a skillful wrestler and a powerful boxer. Mothers even used his name to quieten children.  Let a child hear "I'll call Ojuju for you now" and he would try his utmost to hold back his tears.

But one day Dada annoyed two boys James and Bond, so much that they swore to avenge the insult.  "How can a boy insult our father and get away with it? James asked Bond.

Despite Dada's threat to go to Ojuju so that he should come and teach the boys a lesson, the boys moved threateningly towards him sensing danger, Dada took to his heels.

Dada ran and ran until he got near home. Panting like a hunting dog, he shouted "Ojuju, come out, come out, but there was no reply. In the meantime, James and Bond closed in on him Bond who was ahead, managed to grab Dada, James too came up and dealth the boy a few hard blow on his mouth before he slipped from Bond's grip and staggered in , protected by his mother who came to the door just in time to see what was happening.

"Your brother is down with fever", James and Bond overhead her saying to Dada "Well it's a question of  he who fights and runs aways" said Bond. "O yes, replied James, he 'll live to fight another day.


1. Why did Dada always got into trouble with other children in the village?

2. Why was Ojuju feared by other children?

3. Why were James and Bond so angry with Dada?

4. Where they eventually get a chance to deal with Dada?

5. Why didn't Ojuju reply when Dada was calling him?


Part B: Fill the gaps with the correct form of  theword in bracket:

6. (long) The ________ of the field is forty metres.

7. (angry) Do not punish anyone in _____________.

8. (choose) You have made a very good _____________.

9. (rob) The __________ was arrested yesterday.

10. (enjoy) Christmas is the time for ________________.


Part C: Fill the gap with the synonyms of the underlined words:

11. The water was polluted (a) clean (b) dirty (c) package (d) pure (e) tasty

12. The magician disappeared.  (a) dived (b) fled (c) floated (d) rushed                          (e) vanished

13. Jane is very unfriendly (a) nasty (b) selfish (c) stingy (d) unpleasant (e) wicked

14. The examination will soon resume (a) begin (b) commence (c) continue                  (d) start (e) terminate

15. This year's harvest was poor  (a) bad (b) late (c) limited (d) partial (e) rich






Part D:

Fill in the blank spaces

             Active Voice                                                            Passive Voice

16. Jane sings a song.                                    _____________________________

17. Daddy bought two vehicles yester day.   _____________________________

18. ________________________________     Tea was being drunk by the pupils

                                                                          when it started to rain.

19. ________________________________      Mice are eaten by  Cat.

 20. I have done my homework.                    _____________________________


                    Direct speech                                                         Indirect speech

21. Edet said, " I am hungry".                        _____________________________

22. Daddy said, "I shall travel tomorrow".    _____________________________

23. Simbi said, "I can skip".                          _____________________________

24. _________________________________     The lady said that she was the

                                                                             new clerk.

25. _________________________________     The farmers said that the harvest

                                                                             was good.



Write a composition on " Myself"



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