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Sunday, August 14, 2016



CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                  SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE


Section A: Objective Test

Read the following questions and pick the best option from the given alternatives.

1.       The Ten Commandments was given to _____________ at Mount Sinai.                (a) Jacob (b) Moses (c) James

2.       ___________ became a prime minister in a foreign land. (a) Jesus (b) Joseph (c) Jonah

3.       And God said, "let there be light" and the light was called ______________ (a) electricity (b) day (c) afternoon

4.       Saul was blind for _________ days. (a)  four (b) three (c) two

5.       __________ supervised the killing of Stephen. (a) Peter (b) Saul (c) James

6.       Saul persecuted the _______________. (a) Christians (b) Lagosians                     (c) Muslims

7.       The first book .of the New Testament is ____________. (a) Matthew                    (b) Mark (c) Luke

8.       ____________ is the last book of the New Testament. (a) Revelation                      (b) Exodus (c) Matthew

9.       A person that is gifted to foretell an event before the event actually happens is called a ___________. (a) Preacher (b) Pastor (c) Prophet

10.  King Saul was rejected as a king in Israel because of his __________.                    (a) integrity (b) honest (c) disobedience

11.  Jonathan was a friend of ____________. (a) Saul (b) Abner (c) David

12.  God rested on the _______ day. (a) first (b) second (c) seventh

13.  Jesus was arrested in the garden of _________. (a) love (b) Golgotha                   (c) Gethsemane

14.  Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and ________ fishes. (a) two (b) twelve (c) thirty

15.  How many disciples did Jesus have? (a) eight (b) twelve (c) four

16.  _________ is the desire to do evil or wrong. (a) Pride (b) Temptation                   (c) love

17.  God visited the Egyptians with _________ plagues. (a) seven (b) ten (c) nine

18.  God destroyed the world with ________ because of man's wickedness.                  (a) plague (b) famine (c) flood

19.  Who gave names to all the living creatures on earth? (a) Jesus (b) Saul                   (c) Adam

20.  From the story of Cain and Abel, the major cause of sin was ___________. (a) anger (b) envy (c) love

21.  In biblical times, God spoke to the people through _________. (a) text messages (b) prophets and leaders (c) film show

22.  When God speaks to us, we should respond with _________. (a) anger                   (b) respect (c) shame

23.  Abraham's obedience gave him ___________. (a) blessing (b) curse                     (c) failure

24.  Peter's net caught many __________. (a) serpents (b) crabs (c0 fishes

25.  The _________ is the same as God's law. (a) Commandment (b) regulation (c) law

26.  To forgive means to __________. (a) chat (b) pardon (c) forget

27.  "Come out, loose him and let him go". This statement was said to ________ (a) Lazarus (b) Joshua (c) Judas

28.  "Silver and Gold I have none, but what I have I give unto you". This statement was said to the _________ man. (a) blind (b) lame (c) poor

29.  Evidence of New life in Christ is always shown in our _________. (a) food (b) character (c) name

30.  __________ is communication with God. (a) Prayer (b) faithfulness                     (c) Humility


Section B: Theory

1.     Mention the first four books of the New Testaments

2.     Mention four disciples of Jesus Christ.

3.     What is prayer?

b. What is forgiveness?

4. Write out the Lord's prayer.

5. Complete the table:

Christian Leaders                         Church or Denomination             

i.             W. F. Kumuyi                _______________________

ii.           D. K. Olukoya               _______________________

iii.        Ayodele Babalola          _______________________

iv.        E. A. Adeboye               _______________________

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