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CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                   SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES


Section A: Objective Test

1.     Medicine in liquid form is called ___________. (a) syrup (b) capsules                  (c) tablets

2.     Drugs help to cure _________. (a) friendliness (b) diseases (c) sleepiness

3.     __________ is using drugs in a way that is dangerous to the body.                   (a) Drug education (b) Drug abuse (c) Drug reuse

4.     The exchange of goods for goods is called __________ (a) trading                  (b) trade by barter (c) forex

5.     Taking in drugs through the nose is called _____________. (a) Rubbing (b) swallowing (c) inhaling

6.     People who use hard drugs are called drug __________. (a) addicts                 (b) users (c) makers

7.     People found with hard drugs will be sent to _____________. (a) home (b) market (c) jail

8.     ___________ is an example of a common illness. (a) Malaria (b) wet              (c) Weakness

9.     ___________ is a situation whereby a person is not feeling well in his / her body. (a) illness (b) weakness (c) sleepness

10.                        Vomiting and _____________ are symptoms of illness. (a) jumping                  (b) stooling (c) clapping

11.                         We can prevent illness by ____________. (a) not using our drugs when we are sick (b) taking proper care of our body (c) eating an unbalanced diet

12.                         ____________ is the virus that causes AIDS. (a) HIT (b) HIU (c) HIV

13.                         ____________ protects the body from diseases. (a) body immunity                (b) body design (c) body art

14.                         AIDS is the stage when multiple ____________ invade the body.                   (a) cold (b) diseases (c) fever

15.                         Someone infected with the HIV virus can still live a normal life. (a) True (b) False (c) Maybe

16.                         Mothers infected with HIV can give birth to healthy babies. (a) True                 (b) False

17.                         People can get infected with HIV through __________ transfusion.                (a) food (b) water (c) blood

18.                         One cannot get HIV virus by shaking hands with someone infected HIV. (a) True (b) False

19.                         __________ are sudden events that happen on the road that cause injuries. (a) accident (b) playing (c) crossing

20.                         One of the causes of road accident is ______________. (a) carefulness (b) bad weather (c) traffic light

21.                         Materials for first-aid treatments are taken from the _________ box.                 (a) first aid (b) hospital (c) clinic

22.                         __________ is the way of life of people. (a) education (b) religion                 (c) culture

23.                         __________ is the movement of goods and services from one place to the other. (a) production (b) transportation (c) composition

24.                         The ___________ is the head of the nuclear family. (a) Father                       (b) Mother (c) Grand father

25.                         Your sister or brother's son is your _________. (a) niece (b) nephew              (c) Aunt

26.                         __________ happens when our food is affected with harmful substances. (a) Food cooking (b) Food poisoning (c) Food art

27.                         Eating of _____________ foods can cause food poisoning. (a) expired (b) extra (c) excess

28.                         One of the people that can give us drugs is _____________. (a) doctor (b) hospital attendant (c) friends

29.                         Drugs that can be rubbed on the body are called _________________. (a) capsules (b) ointment (c) inhaler

30.                         Traditional marriage is based on the local ___________. (a) custom                (b) people (c) leaders

Section B: Theory

1.     What is transportation? ________________________________________


2.     Mention 3 symptoms of illness

______________________________, ______________________________, ______________________________

3.     List 2 modern ways of saving money

___________________________, ______________________________

4.     Give 2 causes of road accidents


5.     Write the full meaning :


AIDS: _____________________________________________________

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