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CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                 SUBJECT: VOCATIONAL APTITUDE


Section A: Objective Test

Read the questions and fill the gaps with the best option from the given alternatives.

1.     _________ is the situation in which people's skill are being used and paid for.   (a) Employment (b) Labour (c) Capital (d) wages

2.     __________ may lead to unemployment (a) Old age (b) good qualification (c) skill acquisition (d) Training

3.     __________ is the job that someone does for a living.  (a) Corruption                   (b) Leadership (c) Vocation (d) war

4.     One of the social vices of unemployment is increase in _________ rate.               (a) Growth (b) development (c) crime (d) admission

5.     A situation whereby someone that is qualified and willing to do a certain job is able to get such is known as ___________  (a) Employment                              (b) Unemployment (c) lucky (d) academics

6.     _________ is the mixture of metals.  (a) Alloy (b) Atoms (c) Actress                   (d) Action

7.     A __________ fixes pipes in our houses. (a) Barber (b) Tailor (c) Teacher (d) Plumber

8.     The vocation of a teacher is ____________. (a) Teaching (b) bleaching                 (c) preaching (d) beating

9.     The oldest vocation is __________. (a) banking (b) laundry (c) farming                 (d) aviation

10.                         If I want to become a lawyer in future, one of my best subjects now should be __________. (a) English grammar (b) Yoruba (c) Music (d) French

11.                         A ___________ is any material that allows the flow of electricity.                        (a) Conductor (b) Insulator (c) Plastic (d) Ink

12.                         The aircraft is to a Pilot as ship is to __________. (a) captain (b) cyclist                (c) driver (d) lorry

13.                         The sense organ of touch is ________. (a) ear (b) eye (c) nose (d) skin

14.                         A ___________ is used to smoothen or sharpen the edges of metal hand tools. (a) file (b) cup (c) sharper (d) cocktail

15.                         The part of the building that protects it from sunshine or rainfall is the ___________. (a) ceiling (b) roof (c) door (d) lintel

16.                         A _________ joins metal together using heat. (a) Bricklayer (b) Welder                     (c) Mechanic (d) Electrician

17.                         A _________ makes wooden objects. (a) Carpenter (b) electrician                        (c) welder (d) plumber

18.                        Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity? (a) copper                      (b) paper (c) plastic (d) wood

19.                         Akara ball is a snack that is prepared by __________. (a) baking                         (b) boiling (c) frying (d) steaming

20.                         Farmer and hoe, fisherman and _____________ (a) sword (b) gun (c) net (d) pencil

21.                         The major export commodity of Nigeria is ___________. (a) palm oil                  (b) groundnut oil (c) coconut oil (d) petroleum

22.                        The system of exchanging goods for goods is known as _______________. (a) internal trade (b) international trade (c) trade by barter (d) stock exchange

23.                         The place or building where books are kept, borrowed or read is known as a ___________. (a) bookshop (b) library (c) store (d) book worm

24.                         A leader who considers the views of his followers is __________. (a) weak (b) Democratic (c) difficult (d) autocratic

25.                        Goods that are sent out of the country are known as _________ goods.                  (a) imported (b) exported (c) fake (d) inferior

26.                        The highest court of law in Nigeria is the __________ court. (a) High                 (b) supreme (c) magistrate (d) Appeal

27.                        Foreigners visiting Nigeria must obtain __________. (a) I.D. card and visa (b) identity card (c) passport and visa (d) invitation card

28.                         Labour or worker's day is celebrated throughout the world every _______ of May every year. (a) 31st (b) 27th (c) 29th (d) 1st

29.                        Nigeria exports all these except ___________. (a) cocoa (b) petroleum                  (c) rubber (d) sugar

30.                        One of the following is not a patriotic citizen. (a) lawyer (b) football (c) thief (d) teacher


Section  B: Theory

1.)  Mention four carpentry tools

2.)  Mention four vocations that you know

3.)  Mention four bricklayer tools

4.)  Mention four causes of unemployment

5a) What is Computer?

b.) Mention any two computer applications





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