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CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                               SUBJECT: HOME ECONOMICS


Section A: Objective Test

1.     The type of clothes we wear can help people to identify our __________ (a) class (b) culture (c) level

2.     One of the primary purpose of wearing clothes is to _________ (a) reveal our body (b) show off (c) protect the body

3.     Clothes worn to bed are made with __________ materials. (a) light                (b) heavy (c) deep

4.     The Igbo traditional wear for men is a long shirt over a ____________   (a) shorts (b) trouser (c) wrapper

5.     The mouth is made up of the lips, the teeth and the ____________                   (a) nose (b) tongue (c) eyes

6.     One of the modern mouth cleaning materials is ___________ (a) mouth wash (b) salt (c) chewing stick

7.     Ground charcoal is a _____________ mouth cleaning materials                        (a) modern (b) new (c) traditional

8.     It is ___________ to have our bath everyday. (a) good (b) not necessary (c) waste of time

9.     Functions of the mouth are ___________ and ___________ (a) eating and talking (b) talking and bathing (c) breathing and eating

10.                        We must wash our mouth at least _________ times a day. (a) once                      (b) four (c) two

11.                         We must always put on our ___________ to avoid feet injury. (a) glove (b) shoe (c) cap

12.                        __________ causes skin infection. (a) good clothes (b) clean clothes                (c) dirty clothes

13.                         Our environment must be kept clean ___________. (a) every time                   (b) once in a month (c) once a year

14.                         We should keep our nail ___________. (a) long (b) short (c) dirty

15.                        There are _________ types of toilets. (a) four (b) six (c) seven

16.                         A clean home promotes good ___________. (a) love (b) live (c) health

17.                        Our toilets must be cleaned to avoid the risk of ___________ (a) health (b) infection (c) disease

18.                         A clean room produces comfort and relaxation for the ____________.      (a) family (b) class (c) environment

19.                        The pit toilet is a ______________ toilet facility. (a) modern                           (b) traditional (c) city

20.                         Dirty toilet and bathrooms can make people __________. (a) healthy                  (b) sick (c) faint

21.                        The ___________ bathroom has a water shower and a bath tub. (a) local (b) concrete floor (c) modern

22.                         A ___________ diet protects us against diseases. (a) balanced                        (b) diseases (c) health

23.                         A clean toilet breeds disease carrying flies and mosquitoes. (a) true                           (b) false (c) maybe

24.                        The modern kitchen is fitted with sink, tap, shelves and ____________. (a) cabinets (b) concrete (c) firewood

25.                        In a traditional kitchen common cooking fuels are charcoal, ___________ or coal. (a) gas (b) stove (c) firewood

26.                        __________ can be gotten from starchy foods like yam and cassava.                (a) carbohydrate (b) protein (c) calcium

27.                         Minerals and vitamins can be found in foods like ___________ and _____________. (a) vegetables and fruits (b) yam and cassava (c) beans and rice

28.                         Balanced diet supplies the ______________ that maintains body organs. (a) nutrition (b) food (c) drink

29.                         An unbalanced diet can cause _________. (a) long hair (b) nice skin                (c) kwashiorkor

30.                         An ___________ can be used to mop the floor. (a) toilet roll (b) tissue (c) old towel


1.     List 3 types of bathrooms

______________________________, ______________________________


2.     Mention 5 materials needed to clean the living room.

______________________________, ______________________________

______________________________, ______________________________


3.     List 3 steps to take in cleaning a living room.


4.     Mention 4 types of toilets

_____________________________, _______________________________

_____________________________, _______________________________

5.     Give three reasons for keeping the kitchen and food store tidy.


6.     List 2 types of kitchen



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