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CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                            SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE


Section A: Objective Test

1. ___________ is the only way to God the Father. (a) John (b) Jesus Christ             (c) Spirit

2. Jesus Christ had _______ disciples. (a) twelve (b) ten (c) twenty

3. Our father who art in _________. (a) light (b) world (c) heaven

4. The Holy book of Christians is the _________ (a) Book (b) Quran (c) Bible

5. Jesus turned water into _________. (a) wine (b) ware (c) wives

6. A _________ is someone who takes care of sheep. (a) Shepherd (b) Shepper (c) Shipper

7. _________ is the good Shepherd. (a) Jarius (b) Jesus (c) John

8. The Shepherd in Jesus  had ________ sheep. (a) 200 (b) 99 (c) 100

9. The Shepherd left 99 Sheep to look for _____ sheep. (a) two (b) one (c) twenty

10. Jesus Christ is the _______ of life. (a) bread (b) milk (c) pasta

11. Jesus was nailed to a _________ (a) rock (b) house (c) cross

12. The ________ of God is the bread of life. (a) word (b) book (c) picture

13. A good shepherd calls his sheep by _______.  (a) group (b) name (c) colour

14. All those who believe in Jesus are his ________. (a) goats (b) sheep (c) herd

15. A good shepherd protects his sheep from _________ animals. (a) dangerous (b) evil (c) nice

16. Darkness represents ___________. (a) goodness (b) evil (c) hypocrisy

17. Salt makes food __________ better. (a) taste (b) look (c) feel

18. Jesus called Christians the _________ of the Earth. (a) salt (b) pepper (c) seasoning

19. Children of God, should be _________ to other children. (a) movies (b0 pictures (c) examples

20. Light gives _________ to plants and animals. (a) strength (b) life (c) purpose

21. Jesus called Christians the ________ of the world. (a0 strength (b) light (c) eye

22. Light represents __________. (a) goodness (b) evil (c) hypocrisy

23. Jesus fed five thousand people with ________ loaves of bread and ______ fishes. (a) five, three  (b) one, six (c) five, two

24. ________ means being friendly and giving freely to friends and strangers. (a) familiarity (b) beating (c) hospitality

25. Some strangers are _________ of God. (a0 messengers (b0 people (c0 senders

26. __________ was nice to strangers who were messengers of God. (a0 Stephen (b) Simon (c) Abraham

27. Saul the King was __________ father. (a) Jonathan (b) Daniel (c) Solomon

28. _________ was Jealous of David. (a) King Ahab (b) King Saul (c) King Hezekiah

29. We can help others by ___________ our possessions. (a) sharing (b) hiding (c) finishing

30. God commanded us to _________ one another. (a) fight (b) hate (c) love


Section B: Theory

1. Write 3 qualities of a good shepherd.


2. List 2 people who showed hospitality in the Bible.


3. List 2 reasons why we must show hospitality.


4. Mention 3 ways we can show love to others.


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