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CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION

NAME: ………………………………………………………………………...

Section A: Objective Test

1.     Personal ___________ is very important for our well being. (a) hygiene (b) well-being (c) maintenance

2.     Personal hygiene is the art of caring for yourself and your ____________. (a) body (b) environment (c) parents

3.     Personal hygiene helps to live a ____________ life. (a) lazy (b) unhealthy (c) healthy

4.     A clean body and a dirty environment promote good health. (a) True                (b) False (c) maybe

5.     A __________ person will do what he should do without being forced. (a) self disciplined (b) undisciplined (c) rude

6.     It is __________ to maintain personal hygiene if we can take care of ourselves. (a) hard (b) nice (c) easy

7.     Modern toilet are often found in _______. Villages (b) cities (c) countries

8.     Modern toilets are built inside the home for __________. (a) convenience (b) inconvenience (c) disturbance

9.     __________ toilet is an example of a traditional toilet. (a) water closet     (b) pit (c) semi-water closet

10.                         Modern toilet are _____________ to maintain. (a) easy (b) hard (c) nice

11.                         Traditional toilets are ____________ to construct. (a) expensive (b) hard (c) cheaper

12.                        Traditional toilets when not used properly can cause an outbreak of ___________. (a) diseases (b) flies (c) jobs

13.                         Drug ______________ refers to what we learn about drugs. (a) lesson (b) education (c) writings

14.                         ___________ are rules and regulations guiding the productions and use of drugs. (a) Drug laws (b) Drug taking (c) Drug abuse

15.                         The NDLEA are government agencies that ___________ drug laws. (a) beat (b) enforce (c) encourage

16.                         The __________ can help to stop people from taking drugs. (a) class (b) runners (c) family

17.                         The eagle on the coat of arm represents __________ of Nigeria. (a) dignity (b) strength (c) purity

18.                         The "Y" sign on the coat of arm represents the ___________. (a) River Benue and Niger (b) River Osun and Ogun (c) River Lagos and Oyo

19.                         Drugs are used to cure ______________. (a) health (b) diseases (c) love

20.                         Drug _________ is when a person disobeys the instructions given about    a particular drug. (a) advice (b) above (c) abuse

21.                         Abusing drugs can expose people to __________ hazards. (a) beauty (b) health (c) food

22.                         The __________ is a national symbol. (a) maize (b) maze (c) mace

23.                        The Nigerian ___________ contains the rules and regulations that govern Nigerians. (a) constitution (b) constancine (c) constant

24.                         The Nigerian currency is in _________ and __________. (a) Dollars and Cents (b) Pounds and Sterling (c) Naira and Kobo

25.                         _________ Symbols are objects and persons that represent the qualities of a nation as a whole. (a) State (b) National (c) Local

26.                         The _________ of Lagos State is an example of a constituted authority. (a) Governor (b) People (c) Visitors

27.                         Payment of _________ is an element of national identity. (a) taxes (b0 money (c) lives

28.                         The 2nd line of the first verse of the national anthem says ____________. (a) Direct our noble cause (b) Shall never be in vain (c) Nigeria's call obey

29.                         _________ is the legal right to belong  to a particular country. (a) citizenship (b) patriotism (c) belongingness

30.                         One of the following agencies helps to enforce drug laws. (a) NAFDAC (b) Church (c) EFCC





Section B: Theory

1.     Define Personal hygiene

2.     State two differences between modern and traditional toilets.

Modern Toilet                                   Traditional Toilet

i. __________________________   ________________________________

____________________________  ________________________________

__________________________      _________________________________

ii. ________________________      _________________________________

__________________________      _________________________________


3. Write the full meaning of the following:

i. NAFDAC:______________________________________________________


ii. NDLEA:_______________________________________________________


4. What are drug laws?


5. Mention 2 importance of drug education.