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Sunday, August 14, 2016



CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION


Section A: Objective Test

Read the following questions and pick the best answer from the given options.

1.     Goods that are produced in Nigeria  are called _________ goods. (a) Nigeria (b) Nigerian (c) Lagos

2.     Performing our duties brings out _______ in the society. (a) war                         (b) disadvantage (c) progress

3.     Which of the following is not a good value ______ (a) Honesty (b) cheating (c) Discipline

4.     When the National flag is flown at  half mast, it is a symbol of national ___________ (a) honour (b) dignity (c) mourning

5.     The eagle of the National coat of arm stands for __________ (a) pride                  (b) strength (c) honour

6.     The two horses on the coat of arm represent ________ (a) gossip (b) dignity of labour (c) speed

7.     The only Nigeria currency without a portrait of a national hero is ________ naira note (a) ten (b) twenty (c) fifty

8.     Nigeria operates a _______ constitution (a) federal (b) state (c) local

9.     ECOWAS was established on May 28, ______. (a) 1975 (b) 1976 (c) 1977

10.                         Which of the following is not a traditional ruler. __________ (a) Emir               (b) Governor (c) Eze

11.                        The process whereby a legally contracted marriage is terminated by a court of law is called _________. (a) abortion (b) agreement (c) divorce

12.                         Labour saving devices save ________. (a) labour (b) blood (c) time

13.                         In which of these states do you except plenty of groundnut. (a) Kano                  (b) Imo (c) Lagos (d) Ogun

14.                         A family begins with _________. (a) A husband and a wife (b) wife and friend (c) Sisters (d) Children

15.                         The first story building in Nigeria was built at _________. (a) Ibadan                 (b) Epe (c) Abeokuta (d) Ondo

16.                         The Moslems go on pilgrimage to ____________. (a) Jerusalem (b) Mecca (c) Cairo (d) Nazareth

17.                        Christians go on holy pilgrimage to ___________. (a) Mecca (b) Jerusalem (c) Cairo (d) Britain

18.                         An unmarried woman is called _________. (a) Bachelor (b) widow                            (c) spinster (d) teenager

19.                         The .fasting period of the muslim is called __________. (a) lent                                   (b) Ramadan (c) Id-El-kabir (d) Pentecost

20.                         ___________ is the result of lack of cooperation. (a) Constitution                         (b) Conflicts (c) forgiveness (d) Result

21.                         Presidential elections in Nigeria are held every ________. (a) 10 years (b) 4 years (c) 6 years (d) 3 years

22.                         The top of a mountain is called a _________. (a) hill (b) top (c) peak                (d) point

23.                         A man who has lost his wife is called _________. (a) Bachelor (b) widow (c) step-father (d) widower

24.                         In what year did the Nigerian Civil war end? _______ (a) 1963 (b) 1967               (c) 1970 (d) 1973

25.                         How many states are there in Nigeria today?  (a) Thirty-eight (b) Thirty- six  (c) Thirty (d) Thirty- two

26.                         The rights of the citizens are contained in the _________ (a) law                           (b) constitution (c) book (d) legal

27.                         The head of the executive arm of government at the federal level us the _________ (a) president (b) governor (c) chairman (d) judge

28.                         Nigeria became a republic in ___________ (a) 1943 (b) 1953 (c) 1963               (d) 1973

29.                         One of the following agencies assist disaster victims__________ (a) red cross (b) policeman (c) teacher (d) criminals

30.                         __________ is the absence of war or a state of general calmness  in the society (a) peace (b) honesty (c) violence (d) war


  Section B

1.     Mention two national honours of the federal republic of Nigeria

(a)  _____________________________ (b)________________________

2.     Mention the meaning of the following in full. (a) NDLEA  (b) ECOWAS

3a. What is importation?

 (b) Mention two goods that we import in Nigeria

3.     Write out four member countries of ECOWAS

_____________________________, _________________________________

_____________________________, _________________________________

4.            Simple Devices                 What they do

(a)   laundry machine               _______________________________________

(b) vaccum  cleaner                 _______________________________________

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