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Sunday, August 14, 2016

basic six vocation

CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                             SUBJECT: VOCATIONAL APTITUDE      


1.)   The person who produces drug is a ___________

(a) curator           (b) doctor      (c) librarian   (d) pharmacist


2.)   Which of the following is made from wood ______ (a) biro (b) key (c) paper (d) pot

3.)   A _________ may be used to send or receive text messages

(a) call phone      (b) DVD         (c) radio         (d) television


4.)   Hammer is to the carpenter as hook is to the ________

(a) farmer            (b) fisherman            (c) mechanic                         (d) tailor


5.)   A person that treats the eyes is called an____ (a) optician (b) oaf (c) oak (d) oarsman

6.)   Hoe is to a farmer as scissors is to a____ (a) carpenter (b) driver (c) plumber (d) tailor

7.)   In ancient days, messages were sent round the village by ____________

(a) cell phones    (b) town criers          (c) praise singers      (d) radios


8.)   Which part of the human body is used for breathing and smelling

(a) ear       (b) eye            (c) mouth       (d) nose


9.)   ______ is a device which makes work easier (a) car (b) lorry (c) machine (d) magnet

10.)          The three states of matter are   (a) liquid solid and gas               (b) gas stone and liquid

(c) heat, liquid and flame          (d) fire, smoke and light


11.)          Which of these does a carpenter use to make measurement _____

(a) tape rule         (b) ruler         (c) stone         (d) chalk


12.)          The changing of  a liquid into gas is known as ______________ (a) vaporization

(b) evaporation               (c) condension          (d) expansion


13.)          Which of these is responsible for the spreading of malaria fever?

(a) Bee     (b) butterfly (c) housefly   (d) mosquito


14.)          A lever has _____ main parts (a) two       (b) three         (c) four           (d) five

15.)          The breakdown of food starts in the _____ of an animals

(a) mouth             (b) stomach   (c) intestine   (d) lungs


16.)          _____ is a living thing         (a) chair         (b) plant         (c) slippers    (d) house

17.)          The raw materials for making soap include the following except ____

(a) potash            (b) palm oil   (c) water        (d) alcohol


18.)    The following are domestic animals except ___ (a) cat (b) goat (c) fowls (d) snakes

19.)          A device that is capable of accepting data, storing and processing data at a high speed to give the required information is known as _____

(a) adaptor           (b) computer                         (c) printer      (d) speed



20.)          How many players make a team in a football match (a) 11   (b) 19  (c) 18  (d) 25

21.)          Rainbow has ____ colours             (a) six             (b) nine          (c) seven        (d) eleven

22.)          Dirty hands carry _____     (a) food          (b) water        (c) germs        (d) sand

23.)          Sweet food can cause ____ decay             (a) sweet (b) food  (c) teeth (d) eye

24.)    ______________is one of the ingredient that is used to bake cake

(a)  rice     (b) beans        (c) yam           (d) flour


25.)          The best soil for planting is the _____ soil clay sandy humus stone

26.)          The instrument that is used to measure temperature is known as ____

(a) rainguage       (b) speedometer       (c) thermometer        (d) windvane


27.)          Which of the following protects the brain from damage ____

(a) muscle            (b) rib cage                (c) skull         (d) tendon


28.)          The most important materials for making cement is ____

(a) alum               (b) clay          (c) limestone                         (d) rock


29.)          Egg is to ____ as soup is to factory (a) company (b) create (c) poultry (d) cemetery

30.)          ___________________________ is an example of tuber crop.


Part B

1.)   Write out two tools that are used by a carpenter

b.) Mention two bricklaying tools

2.)   What do we use the following instruments for

a.)   Barometer

b.)   Windvane

c.)   Thermometer

3.)   What is unemployment

b.) Write out two causes of unemployment

4.)   Mention four types of court in Nigeria

5.)   Write out four characteristics of a computer