Saturday, August 20, 2016

Be yourself. They can't just afford it

Genevieve Charles wrote:
Yesterday I reflected on this
Back in school, we had one woman who had a small kiosk very close to the hostel. She sold some little stuffs for the students..
Every time I went there, I will greet her but she won't respond. She was always breast feeding her baby and sitting with a very old man .
I just concluded she had pride and doesn't like me. I stopped going to her kiosk to buy something.
One Sunday evening, I needed drinking water, all other shops were locked except her kiosk. I just had to go, I got there, greeted her, this time she just sighed and walked sluggishly to me. I was already feeling irritated.
And I poured my mind. Madam why you no dey answer my greetings, we dey quarrel? And she replied ah aunty, I swear I no hear you, I just see you, my mind come back.
I asked Your mind come back from where? She said her mind traveled, she was lost, my presence brought it back. I asked why and she narrated her very pitiful story.
Once a resident of Lagos, living with her husband and children, her husband fell ill and died. She couldn't afford rent and her kids school fees in Lagos, she had to return to the village to stay with her aged father(the man I always saw with her).
They hardly feed well and her baby sucks the little she manages to eat, she always feel dizzy(no strength to walk fast but sluggish)
I was dumbfounded and ashamed of myself at the same time.
Because of ordinary greeting, I stopped patronizing a woman that needed the little profit.
Her response won't
*make me a princess
*make me grow taller
*make me rich
*increase my life span.
Life was dealing her a huge blow, I was busy waiting for her response,capitalizing on it. A response she doesn't even have the strength to give. Her movement irritated me, I concluded she was feeling reluctant to attend to me, but she had no strength
We focus too much on things that shouldn't matter and in the process lose ourselves, we become someone we are not
We hold on to the fact.
*our neighbor didn't say hi today.... Tommorow we won't give them a lift
*our colleague didn't respond to our greetings today .... We won't buy lunch for them.
* the beggar didn't pray for us, when we gave Alms,.... Tommorow we keep our money.
*your spouse didn't say well done when you were busy .... You hold on to that.
Life is current dealing some folks a huge blow. You have no idea what that man/woman sitting beside you right now is passing through
Expecting them to even smile back at you, is too much to ask. They can't afford to give you a thank you, well done, a smile or laughter.
In life little things matters, but on the other side of the coin it doesn't matter.

Do what you wanna do for people, don't bank on what they do in return. You might not get it. Not because they are ungrateful or mean.

They can't just afford it


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