Naija we hail oooo Una no dey fail oooo even when the country they wail lli oooo

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hallo bea

Letter from Sikira Ibadan Bae to her boo

Dear Michaeli, lungs time low see. If they say
is water that will cook fish finish, I will not
belif it. Is this how other lofers are behafe to
their Bae ? U haf refus to call me for the past
one mount. and if I tries ur number, mtn will
be say your numba is unreach, is unreach.
You refus to fisit me efen when u ear that my
father haf contract guinea worm. Is this how
to treat ur in-laws? I know we haf not marry
but I know uer my horseband from heafen.
Efri day when I am wake up, uer the first
person I see. Roshida tell me for last week that
she see u with one girl in front of Mr big. She
efen tell me that u hug together. If u think u
can leaf me uer decive urself. Michael,
Michael, how many times I call u? It will not
be better for anybody that wan to scatter our

Any way the mane purpose of my letter is to
tell u that I haf tooken in for u. I go for
testing yesterday to confarm it. My
grandmoomi talk that it be like am carrying
twins. I haf been fery fery happy since
yesterday. I haf give the twins name o......sifau
and musibau. I don't sure if u like it. Come n
see me tomorrow bcos I am fery weak now.

Silifa, my younger sister, cames home with her
boyfriend yesterday.if u see d boy,very
beautiful but not up to you sha.he also get a
swagger. I want u to get one too.

Left I forget, please dont forget to send the
money for the aso-ebi for anti taiba's naming
o. The color is red and yellow. Red for the
'buba', and yellow for the 'iro'. They said we
can use any color for the 'gele'. But me I want
to use blue. I will now wear that my green curf
shoe. I cannot wait to send you the photo.

My lof, ten is happening in this world o. dont
say I am the one that tell you o.i hear that it's
not anti taiba's horseband that gif her the
belle that she use to born the pregnancy. True
true, the baby is not resemble him. But what
consign me?
I have tell efribody that my boyfriend is a
dokto and they eager to see u.

Yours frightfully. .
Sikira.                                               😄😄😄