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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Practice Questions on Bible Knowledge basic six 2015/2016 third Term


CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                     SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE   


Read the following questions and pick the right answer from the given alternatives

1.)   Jesus was tempted _____ times by Satan       (a) four           (b) three         (c) five

2.)   The first temptation was to turn _________________

(a)  water to wine (b) bread to stone (c) stones to bread


3.)   To forgive means to ____         (a) pardon      (b) steal          (c) forget

4.)   On the seventh day God___ (a) created Eve (b) rested (c) made heavens and flaments

5.)   ______ was the first king of Israel      (a) Saul          (b) David       (c) Cain

6.)   ______ was saved by God from the lion's den (a) David  (b) Daniel  (c) Deborah

7.)   The desire to do evil is known as ______  (a) temptation (b) mistake (c) evil

8.)   Paul's original name was ______ (a) Saul  (b) Samuel (c) Sinner

9.)   Saul was a ______ by birth  (a) Jew  (b) Greek (c) Lawyer

10.)          Saul belonged to a religious group that felt holier than others and this group was called the _______ (a) Samaritan (b) Pharisees                         (c) gentiles


11.) Saul was on his way to___when he became blind (a) Samaria (b) Israel (c) Damascus

12.)          A ______ is what a person hopes to achieve  (a) faith  (b) goal  (c) secret

13.)          Goals that we want to achieve with some days or weeks are referred to _____ term goals             (a) short         (b) long          (c) second


14.)          Goal setting gives _____ to our lives (a) confusion  (b) direction  (c) regret

15.)    O Lord, give us____to make right decisions always (a) power (b) energy (c) wisdom

16.)          _____ is the choice that one makes after thinking about what is the best thing to do (a) action          (b) promise                (c) decision


17.)          If anyone will not work, let him not eat, is to lay emphasis on ________ 

(a) spiritual providence                        (b) the value of hardwork      (c) prosperity ministry


18.) Success is one of the rewards of being very___ (a) lazy (b) boastful (c) hardworking

19.)          Satan uses our weakness to temp us to ______ (a) fly    (b) cry   (c) sin

20.) ______ is the quality of being reasonable and not being excessive in whatever we do (a) moderation     (b) lottery   (c) influence


21.)          Peter healed the cripple at the beautiful gate with the Holy Ghost power in the name of _____ (a) Jesus Christ         (b) Father       (c) Jesus


22.)          One of the biggest problems facing the Churches in Nigeria is _____

(a) attendance     (b) construction        (c) dues





23.) The sin that killed Ananias and Sapphira was___ (a) adultery (b) fornication (c) lying

24.)          Before Jesus started his ministry he fasted for _______ days and nights

(a) forty               (b) fifty          (c) sixty


25.)          John the Baptist was the____ of Jesus (a) disciple (b) elder brother (c) fore-runner

26.)          The first trade Jesus learnt as a young man from his earthly father was ____

(a) building         (b) carpentry                         (c) fishing


27.)          Jesus appointed _____ men to be with him during his ministry on earth as his disciples   (a) 10       (b) 12                         (c) 120


28.)          The first miracle of Jesus was __________________ (a) healing blind Bartimaeus

(b) healing the demoniac          (c) turning water to wine


29.)          When the prodigal son returned home, his father _________ (a) organized a party (b) arrested him      (c) rejected him


30.)    After healing ____ lepers only one came back to appreciate Jesus (a) 8 (b) 10 (c) 12


Section B

1.)   Mention four basic steps for achieving goals

2.)   List two types of goals

3.)   Mention four different situations that required good decision making

4.)   What is temptation?

b.) What is forgiveness?

5.)   Write out the three temptations of Jesus Christ and his response.

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