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Question And Answer On Last Day At Forcados High School- What You Must Know

Question And Answer On Last Day At Forcados High School- What You Must Know

Based on the jamb recommended text book for 2015,am going to share with you answer to some possible questions on Last Day At Forcados High School which i droped fews week ago.
If you are here for the first time you can check the 46 Question On Last Day At Forcados High School Here or download the android application for practising the question here.
In other to pass question that comes out under this jamb textbook, you have to know some relevant thing pertain to it, such as the characters, the author and so many other things. Below are some of the basic of what you need to know about Last Day At Forcados High School.
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Name of the author is A.H Mohammed, born in lagos and obtained his degree from university of lagos.
 Mrs. Kemi Solade died of ovarian cancer
 Mrs Obanje is the principal of St. Catherine School
 Efua can be described as unfortunate and victim of circumstances
 Mama Silifat is fond of Jimi and called him by his full name Akinjimi
 Efua's stepfather violated and intimately harassed Efua
 Mr Bade is nicknamed cane by the student
 The rhymers are group of five boys at Forcados high school
 The Principal of Forcados High School choose to reinvestigate the  theft of the laboratory equipment because Efua challenge at him during Jimi's public apology
 Femi; kemi's elders son arrived from United Kingdom for the burial of Kemi
 Efua Coker suffered from child abuse
 Mr Vann is the Physics teacher
 Funmi's reason for remarry is for better life
 Unlike Jimi, Efua is not close to her mother
 The principal of Forcados high school is Mr Mallum
 According to the principal Miss.Agbenenovi is to occasionally
 Efua's attitude to people must have been influenced by lack of motherly trust,lack of motherly attention and memory of intimate harassment and violation.
 Jimi Solade, Nene Ekpo, Efua Coker and Ansa Izaegbegbe attend the same primary school

 Seyi Lawal is the head boy of Forcados High School
 Seyi has unspoken contest will Jimi over chemistry result
 Aunti Moni is Mrs Alli
 Efua's was expelled from St. Catherine School because her defiant reply to the principal
 Ansa wants to study Architecture
 Jolly Stephens photocopy Efua's letter to Miss, Novi and circulate it in the school
 Efua danced with Jide at Mid-term dinner of Forcados high School
 Efua shared her life experience with Nene Ekpo
 The head girl of Forcados high school is Ada
 Gorilla referred to old people at Forcados
 The four sport houses at Forcados high school was named after Elites in the communities
 Caro is referred to as Queen Bee because of her perpetual disdainful expression
 Okoro is miserable bully
 Kola could never forgive Wole for forging his signature
 Jimi referred to as the old bear
 Eze is referred spark.
 Mr Edet is the Chemistry teacher at Forcados High School
 St Catherine School uniform is blue
 Jimi's father is referred to as the old lion by wole
 Rat-face is one of the people at the bar which Wole and Jim visited
 Hadiza is a friend of Efua in her former school
 Efua is nicknamed 'The Witch?'
 Caro referred to Nene Ekpo as fashion blunder
 Forcados High School compete with Peter Mary school in a debate
 Caro referred to Jimi as disgusting, hateful person.
 Bayo played football together with Jimi
 Efua wishes to get in touch with Dodo
 Nene Ekpo brother attends day care at Morther's Joy Nursery School
 Nene takes the lead role in a cultural art drama called Oluronbi
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