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Saturday, August 6, 2016

See what they have turned our country go

        It was reported in the news that CBN has ordered commercial banks to provide dollars to people going on Holy pilgrimage at the rate of 197 naira to a dollar. A rare gesture that was not available for importers and other business men to push the economy of this great NATION ahead.
         What is the economic importance of going to Mecca or Jerusalem to this Nation. How will this nation move forward when government policies do not favour SMEs and business owners alike. How do we salvage our country when our leaders public display religious bigotry and cancerous political lust and selfishness.

            Where will this lead us. A country that close up factories in order to float religious business centres under the guises of church expansion or building of mosques. Where will this lead us, a county that has every nook and cranny of the whole country filled up with places of worship and yet every now and then we heard stories of religious killing or intolerance.

     Where will this lead us?

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