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Sunday, August 14, 2016

social studies basic 6 third term

CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                             SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES    


1.)   The most expensive means of transportation is by _____________

(a) air       (b) foot           (c) rail            (d) road


2.)   All the following are benefits of division of labour except ____ (a) it is monotonours (b) it saves time (c) it save energy (d) work process is divided into various stages


3.)   The main aim of marriage is for __________ (a) child bearing (b) division of labour (c) financial upliftment                        (d) love


4.)   All these are problems of marriage except __________ (a) adultery (b) child lesson (c) lack of love       (d) love and care


5.)   The head of a primary school is called the _________ (a) chairman (b) board

(c) headmaster/headmistress    (d) principal


6.)   Whose picture is on the Five Hundred Naira Note?

(a) Alhiaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa                         (b) Alhaji Sir Ahmed Bello

(c) Chief Obafemi Awolowo                            (d) Dr Nnamdi Azikwe


7.)   All the following are man-made resources except _____ (a) borehole (b) caterpillars (c) cars (d) forest


8.)   Formal education is being received in the _______

(a)  churches (b) homes (c) markets (d) schools


9.)   The means of talk and writing to one another is called ________

(a) communication         (b) debate      (c) dialogue   (d) discussion


10.)          There are _______ levels of government in Nigeria (a) 776    (b) 4    (c) 3    (d) 22


11.) A woman who is not married is called a___ (a) bachelor (b) fiancé (c) girl (d) sinster

12.)    Nigeria is a country on the continent of ____________

(a)  Africa (b) America (c) Asia (d) Australia


13.)          Nigeria became a republic on 1st October     (a) 1960 (b) 1970 (c) 1963 (d) 1966

14.)          Who designed the Nigerian National Flag ______ (a) Taiwo Akinkunmi

(b) Segun Bolujo            (c) Ajumobi Agbomola       (d) Zaka Tompolo


15.) The two white horses on the Nigeria Coat of Arms represent___ (a) dignity and pride (b) peace and unity (c) arise o' compatriot (d) strength and progress


16.)          The head of a nuclear family is the _________ 

(a) father (b) mother (c) grandfather (d) the richest person


17.)          The willing of twins in Nigeria was stopped by _____ (a) Jaja of Opobo

(b) Mungo Park (c) Mary Slessor       (d) Bola Tinubu


18.)          Kano was famous in the olden days because of its ________ (a) cocoa (b) cotton (c) petroleum (d) groundnut pyramids


19.) Crude oil was first discovered in__ (a) Oloibiri (b) Warri (c) Yenogoa (d) Ijebu –Ode

20.)          the major source of Government Revenue in Nigeria is _____

(a) cocoa              (b) cotton       (c) petroleum            (d) petrolgel


21.)          __________ means a break-up in marriage

(a) courts hip      (b) engagement                     (c) divorce     (d) introduction


22.)          ________ is the movement of people from one country to another country.

(a) Migration       (b) custom     (c) abroad      (d) tourist


23.)          ___________ is the most important agent of socialization

(a) family             (b) school      (c) peers         (d) mass media


24.)          __________ is the initial money, building or machinery that is used to start a business. (a) Capital       (b) beginning                        (c) labour       (d) wages


25.) A _____ is a place with little or no vegetation (a) oasis (b) lake (c) island (d) desert

26.)          The sum total of a people's way of life is ______________

(a) culture            (b) ethnicity              (c) loyalty      (d) obligation


27.)          Who was the First President of Nigeria ____ (a) Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa

(b)  Alhaji Shehu Shagari  (c) Chief MKO Abiola    (d) Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe


28.)          When was Economic Community of West African States set up

(a) April 2nd, 1972   (b) December 4th, 1972   (c) May 22nd 1973   (d) May 28 1975


29.)          The Quran is to Muslim as ______ is to the Bible

(a)  Bible               (b) Laptop     (c) Rosary      (d) Club


30.)          The appropriation bill is also known as the national ______ 

(a) degree            (b) budget      (c) flag           (d) journalism


Part B: Theory

1.)   Write out three sources of water

b.) Mention three professionals that are salary earners

2.)   What is Division of Labour

b.) Write out two advantages of division of labour

c.) Write out one demerit of division of labour

3.) What is Unemployment?

b.) Suggest three ways by which unemployment can be reduced in Nigeria

4.) What is a Bank?

b.) Mention three reasons why people save in banks

5.) What are Natural Disasters?

b.) Mention two examples of natural disasters