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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Vocal Solo

Topic: The God of perfection
Text:    Psalm 71:17
O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.
The one who has taught you understand the reality of excellent and His immense structure is favourable if only you act according to the way He gave you what you will follow according to the principle He gave to you. The foundation of God is excellent even more than human expectation. The one who is keeping you is always faithful to protect you from every danger of this world and He is always stands on His word and He can never retrieve whatever He has said base on His confirmation.
He is God who fulfil whatever he has promised you. Is not the God of verbal speech alone because He always faithful.
The only thing for someone is to realise any mistake whoever is makes because is a God that is full of mercy and favor.
No matter what any man did He count man as vessel of simple that is always end with low entity.
Man has a limit lucrative and full of evil anxiety because man thinking is low in decisive in mission.
The heart of God is full of mercy and He did not want the peoples He created into this world neglected and end up in nothing. Is God who is always walking with mercy and favor to mankind.
His love towards us are imaginable and its speaks inelastic beyond human comprehension. God love is extraordinary and uncountable that human can think of.
The word of God is intact it does not base on excuse because God is unlimited, He believe His word, He do not lie and His word is always right all the time.
God expects Man to obey His word and God teach in the power of His might and the truth is always imbibe without discrimination.
The way God treat His word is excellent. He teaches in order for man to abide under His rule and obedient.
If a man abide on the rule of God, man will begin to exceeding the  greatness in life and the outcome of man should be well organised without blemished.
Living Water Christ International Outreach Mission.

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