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Monday, August 1, 2016

Which was your favorite cartoon back in the days

1. Voltron the defender of the universe
2. Danger Mouse
3. Super Ted
4. Tom and Jerry
   My favorite then back in the days was voltron the defender of the universe. Then you will hear form feet and leg, form arm and hand and I will form the head. They used to be five robotic lion rod by five talented riders then.

    Then came danger mouse with his speedy utility sport car that always got into trouble. There was this Vivian who owned a cat that would always wanted to kill danger mouse then. Have forgotten the name of the Vivian. Then we called them Boss and actors.
     Then out of the cosmic universe came a spotty man that spotted a teddy bear that was thrown away and the teddy bear was taken to Mother nature where he was given cosmic drink to bring him back to life and he became SUPER TED.

       Tom and Jerry needs no much introduction because the cartoon Programme have survived several decades. It is still aired on TV even up till now. Tom is the cat while Jerry is the mouse. The two are always at loggerheads. Even up till now about more than two decades later. Wish the two will resolve what ever differences they have and become friends.

    Back to the questions? Which was your favorite then?

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