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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Word for Today

Today's word
        FAITH (heb 11:1)
KJV: Now faith is d substance of tinz hoped   4, d evidence of tinz not seen..
NIV: Therefore faith is d evidence in wat we hope for nd assurance abt wat we do not see.....
Brethren my short exhortation for u dis morning is to build up d faith in u..... By faith we work, stand nd been  justified evrytin we hav  to do in Christ Jesus is by faith ( faith is not a subject in d Bible it is d most important ).....

Everyone 1 who re saved wu has confess d lordship of Jesus christ are d bliving one ... So therefore u re of faith .. so a believer dat still struggle for faith simply means u haven't gotten an insight of who u re .... (2cor 4:13)

Faith is wat u xpress is not wat we operate from d outside to d inside.... (We are world practional) and d best way to emphasize faith is to follow d word ...(James 1: 22) wen u read d word and work through it, it  will bring out d saving faith in u .....e.g just like a born child starting from d first dat on planet he/she has a mind....ofcourse every human on earth has mind bhur for d little child she has to b trained,educated,nurtured bfor he can b able to practicalise nd make use of it so as to faith ...... Shalom🙏