1. Which of the following is the reason for carrying out quarantine programs in agriculture?
a.) Importing the genetic qualities of plant and animals. b) ensuring that importers obtain valid license. c) adapting plants and animals to new areas. d) screening and isolating imported diseases stock.
2. one of the following is not an agricultural program in Nigeria
a) operation feed the nation b) directorate of food ,road and rural infrastructure c) farm settlement scheme d) green revolution
3. The ginnery industry uses which of the following raw materials ?
a) pulp wood b) oil seeds c) sorghum d) cotton
4. lands for wildlife
a) must not be good for agricultural and forestry b) should be a land sparse with population c) must be a plain ,hill or valley d) all of the above
5. The hump less breed of cattle which also possesses short horn is
a) gudali b) white Fulani c) red bororo d) muturu
6. which of the husbandry practices is not carried out on pig farming?
a) castration of excess males b) application of iron supplements c) numbering by ear notching or tattooing d) shearing of the skin
7. In the prevention of yam beetles; the sets should be treated with the following except
a) aidrin b) dieldrin c) nuvacron d) aldirin and dieldrin
8. Selection of breeding males based in the performance of their female relatives is known as
a) sib selection b) individual selection c) tandem selection d) progeny testing
9. Food and mouth diseases is caused by
a) parasite b) bacteria c) virus d) fungi
10. The leghorn and the Cornish breeds of fowl are well noted for their
a) high egg and meat production respectively b) high meat and egg production respectively c) feathers d) none of the above
11. The mechanical methods of weed control includes the following except
a) hand pulling b) flooding c) use of parasite d) burning
12. Newcastle diseases is cause by
a) virus b) bacteria c) protozoa d) none of the above
13. The growing of plants under cold condition is known as
a) etiolation b) vernalization c) survival d) condensation
14. Sources of potassium include the following except
a) organic manure b) oil –palm bunch c) mica d) all of the above
15. One of the following is a symbiotic organism in nitrogen fixation
a) clostridium b) azotobacter c) rhizobium d) nitrobacteria
16. Excess nitrogen in the soil leads to
a) stunted grow3th b) leaves tending to drop c) encouraging root development d) delayed fruiting and ripening fruit
17. The application of water to sub –soil through perforated pipes is known as
a) flooding b) surface irrigation c) none of the above d) sprinkler irrigation
18. Farm net worth is the different between
a) cost and returns b) assets and liabilities c) profit and loss d) credit and debit
19. A measure to ameliorate soil acidity is
a) addition of organic manure b) addition of lime c) addition of fertilizer d) leaching
20. The following are breeds of cattle in Nigeria except
a) Holstein b) white Fulani c) sokoto gudali d) muturu

1. D 2. C 3. D 4 C 5. D 6 .D. 7. A 8. D 9 C 10. A 11. C 12. A 13. B 14 D 15 C 16. D 17. C 18. D 19 B 20. A

Please conduct you own diligence check to be sure the suggested answers are correct.

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