Excellent Foundation Academy Free Seminar

"Things don't just happen you have to rise up and make it happen"My philosophy

The 3rd Law of Motion states that "to every action there is an equal or opposite reaction." Life give way for #Movers

You have been waiting for days, weeks, months and even for several years, nothings has happen and you are singing this song to console yourself.


One day, one day, one day e go better, e go better...

Oga/madam! Abeg,Who one day,one day, e go better, song don epp?Take responsibility for your life today.

Until you are bettered nothing get better. Let me shock you.

You can not give what you don't have

We behave in a myopic way or misbehave not because we don't have formal education but because we have refuse to learn, unlearn and relearn

Some of us feels that we have arrived therefore there is nothing to learn again,We know so much yet we do little. #myopic at work

Unfortunately,the day we fail to learn is the day we start to die

Don't forget he/she that feels he has arrived might be left behind

"Things don't really get better with time rather they get worst, if actions are not taking to better your lot".

I write this piece to stimulate you to become active in the pursuit of your life purpose. Life reward people that are action-oriented.

#Movers are world changer
#Movers are history makers
#Movers are trailblazers
#Movers are influencers
#Movers are leaders
#Make that move today

PLAN to attend the last training of EXCELLENT FOUNDATION ACADEMY this saturday 24th 2016,As we host professionals of different fields coming to unleash to us practical steps on how to succeed in our different endeavors of life.


This is not a seminar or conference but An Academy, therefore it is going to be 100%practical.......

Date: This saturday 24th september 2016

Time:9am prompt no African time

Venue: 72,Babani Street. Ajegunle Apapa Lagos.

FEE: FREE Registration plus Certificate.


Invite your friends,love once and even your enemy!

Don't be told......
Be THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in us!


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