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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

External western influence on Nigerian family life

Nigeria is a country that is located in West Africa with more than one hundred and twenty million people.
  These people are made up of various people with different and diverse ethnic, cultural and religious difference. Yet an individual Nigerian family is influenced by Western culture or religion in the following ways :

1. Language: Most Nigerian families speak English at home which is at the detriment of the various local Indigenous local dialects

2. Food : Most food eaten in Nigeria nowadays are mostly imported. Beverages, cabbages, fried rice, salad, bread are all foreign foods

3. Dressing : many people now wear European dresses. Men wear shirts and trouser while women now wear gown, skirts, and blouses.

4.  Occupation : most of our forefathers were fishermen and farmers but now a days most people want to do white collar jobs. Nobody wants to farm.
5.  Science and Technology : with the advent of radio, television, radio, Internet, blender, boiling ring, freezer. All these gadgets have really really change the way an individual family live in Nigeria

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