OUR VALUES Values can be defined as our beliefs about what is important in life. It can also be referred to as the quality or worth an individual attaches to anything. Values are principles and beliefs that influence the behavior and way of life of a particular group or community. These principles can be based on individual belief systems called personal values. They can also be cultural or social values accepted by a group of people. TYPES OF VAULES 1.HONESTY: can be defined as the act of always telling the truth. An honest person is always transparent in all his/her doing and will not engage in criminal activities. 2. EQUALITY: This is the understanding that all people have the same rights. 3. INTERGRITY: This is the act of having strong morals and principles to be honest. 4. HONOUR: This means keeping to your word and earning the respect and admiration of others. 5. RESPECT: Treating everyone including yourself with dignity. 6. SELF CONTROL: This is the ability to control your own actions. 7. CONTENTMENT: This means to be happy and satisfied with ones achievement 8. JUSTICE: The quality of moral rightness and being just in our relationship with others. 9. SELFLESSNESS: Rendering service to others without considering personal gains. ATTRIBUTES OF VALUES (a) Satisfaction (b) Envy/Jealousy (c) Contentment (d) Humility (e) Happiness ASSIGNMENT 1. Mention and explain three types of Justice .- 6 MARKS 2.Mention three attributes of Selflessness .---- 6 MARKS 3. State 4 benefits of Selflessness. --------------- 8 MARKS

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