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Types of pronouns

Pronouns are words that are used instead of a noun 
Examples of pronoun are he, she, we, they, them,  etc 
The eight types of pronouns are  personal,  possessive,  reflexive, reciprocal,  relative,  demonstrative,  interrogative,  and indefinite. 
Certain types of pronouns closely relate to one another, and many words can function as multiple different types of pronouns, depending how they're used. Personal PronounsPersonal pronounstake the place of people or things. They can be either singular or plural, depending whether they refer to one or multiple nouns  Examples includeI,me,we, andus.Personal pronouns are usually either the subject of asentence or an object within a sentence. Each personal pronoun has different forms depending on its function. For example, if a writer is referring to himself, he should useIif he's the subject of a sentence, as in "Isaw the dog." If he's the object, he should useme, as in "The dog saw me.

"Possessive Pronouns=Possessive pronoun…

The Connectives

The Connectives are conjunctions that are used in sentences. Examples of these conjunctions are
And   also  again  further more   then   next   therefore   thereafter etc  He was old ______ weak ______ there was no one to look after him.2. My mother ______ ______ gave me a birthday present, ______ ______ some money ______ ______ I could buy myself a new dress.3. His father beat him, ______ he ______ cried ______ uttered a sound ______ he was used to frequent beatings.4. ______ we found that we might be late, we took a taxi ______ ______ we might reach the cinema on time.5. That old man had expected free treatment ______ he was poor ______ , he was shocked when he was given a bill for thirty dollars. He was ______ upset ______ he really cried.6. You'd better work hard ______ you'll fail, ______ do not study ______ hard ______ your health suffers. You should work ______ play according to a planned routine.7. Mona, ______ ______ ______ her sister, is in the choir, They can sing…

Types of Conjunctions. The connectives. Practice questions on conjunction

Fill in the blanks using suitable conjunctions:1.    This is a small ………………….. interesting story.2.    Manu and Anu help ……………………..3.    ……………………… I was a child, I lived in Dubai.4.    Make hay ……………………. the sun shines.5.    We will visit Paris ………………….. Rome during the summer.6.    Let us wait here ……………….. the rain stops.7. …………………. he worked hard he failed.8. I regard my mother ……………….. my best friend.9. ………………… I was suffering from fever I couldn't attend the class.10. My sister is not ……………….. intelligent ……………….. my brother.11. He is ……………….. tall ……………….. his father.12. Do your duty ……………….. you live.13. He was treated ………………….. a guest.

Physical and Health Education Jss 3 NECO NCEE Past Questions


J.S.S.THREE Physical Education objectives entail the acquisition of the following EXCEPT
A. mental skills   B. physical combat C. physical fitness D. recreational skills E. social skills
2. A person that gives immediate assistance to an injured person is called
    A. coach B. doctor C. first aider D.nurse E. referee
3. The three types of crouch start are bunch, medium and
   A. bullet B. elongated   C.false   D. staggered   E. standing
4. Which of these is an indoor recreational activity?
   A. camping B.  Dart   C. hiking D. hunting E. picnic
5. Insufficient quantity of vitamin A in the body may cause
  A.anaemia B.dizziness   C. poor memory D. poor vision E. rickets
6. The dimension of a standard track is����.meters
  A.100 B. 200 C. 300   D. 400 E. 600
7.  The major areas of physical education programme include the following EXCEPT
  A. aquatics B. athletics C. gymnast…

Question Pack for Revision Three in One Business Studies jss 1, 2 and 3

JSS 3 BUSINESS STUDIES1. A written document issued by a drawer to the bank to pay an amount of money is called …………… (a) Teller (b) Cheque (c) Cash (d) voucher 2.  In which bank account does the owner use cheque to withdraw (a) cash (b) current (c) bank (d) savings3. An advantage of office machine is that they are (a) cheap to maintain (b) electrically operated (c) manually operated (d) time saving 4. The processes through which new products are brought to the notice of the public is      known as …………… (a) Commerce (b) transport (c) insurance (d) advertising 5. The act of making financial plan or income and expenditure is called (a) tax (b) salary(c) Budget   (d) finance 6.    In communication, the response or reply to a message from the sender to the receiver is    (a) Letter (b) telephone (c) feedback (d) communication 7. A trial balance is ……(a) list of all debit and credit payment (b) list of cash receipt and payment (c) list of income and expenditure (d) list of all balances ext…

NECO WASCE Jss 2 Business Studies Past questions for revision

JSS 2 BUSINESS STUDIES1. The type of the village market is (a) supermarket (b) shops (c) mini-mart (d) open air market2. Incoming mails should be ………… (a) Opened, dated, stamped and sorted (b) opened, read and put away (c) opened, read and return to sender (d) opened, signed and put away3. A store having so many departments or sections under the same roof is known as (a) Departmental store (b) Kingsway (c) super store (d) chain store4. What is a buyer given for purchasing goods from seller (a) An order (b) an invoice (c) a receipt (d) A letter of enquiry5. What is the document sent from the buyer to the seller showing the quantity, quality and description, price of goods he wishes to buy is called (a) A letter of enquiry (b) An order (c) An invoice (d) Quotation6. A document which is used to send messages from one person to another in the same firm, from one department to another or from one department to another or from one head office to the branches or from a principal to his agent…

Jss 1 Business studies past questions for revision part B theory

SECTION B1. (a) define Production   (b) State the four factors of Production and their rewards    (c) List the types of production and explain them2. (a)  List four types of partners     (b) list two sources of capital for sole proprietorship form of business      (c) Give  three examples of extractive production3. (a) Explain the following (i) producer (ii) wholesaler (iii) retailer (iv) consumer    (b) State three rewards of being truthful   (c) Explain partnership deed

Junior WASCE jss 1 NECO Business studies jss 1 past Questions for revision

JSS 1 BUSINESS STUDIES1. ------------ can be referred to the situation in which a person says only what is true (a) honesty (b) truthfulness (c) facts (d) forthrightness2. One of the following is NOT an aid to trade (a) Banking (b) Insurance (c) Advertising (d) Stock3. The place where goods are stored until they are needed is known as ­­­------------ (a) Space bar (b) room (c) bank-house (d) warehouse4. One of the following is a factor of production (a) land (b) agriculture (c) industry (d) rent5. Coal mining is an example of ………  (a) Constructive industry (b) extractive industry (c) direct service (d) tertiary production6. The business financed, formed and controlled by one person is termed ……. (a) Corporation (b) partnership (c) sole proprietorship (d) cooperative society7. The factor that coordinates or makes use of the other factors of production is the …… (a) Land (b) capital (c) labour (d) entrepreneur8. Staff matters in any organization are treated by …….. (a) Personnel departm…

Past Question JSS 3 Business Studies NECO Revision

1. A written document issued by a drawer to the bank to pay an amount of money is called …………… (a) Teller (b) Cheque (c) Cash (d) voucher 
2. In which bank account does the owner use cheque to withdraw (a) cash (b) current (c) bank (d) savings
3. An advantage of office machine is that they are (a) cheap to maintain (b) electrically operated (c) manually operated (d) time saving
4. The processes through which new products are brought to the notice of the public is known as …………… (a) Commerce (b) transport (c) insurance (d) advertising
5. The act of making financial plan or income and expenditure is called (a) tax (b) salary
(c) Budget (d) finance
6. In communication, the response or reply to a message from the sender to the receiver is (a) Letter (b) telephone (c) feedback (d) communication
7. A trial balance is ……(a) list of all debit and credit payment (b) list of cash receipt and payment (c) list of income and expenditure (d) list of all balances ext…

Jss 2 Home Economics Past Question first term second term third term. Revision Questions

JSS 21. Conflict resolution methods include all of these except (a) dialogue (b) mediation (c) family changes (d) listening2. Conflict can be stressful and damaging to ………….. (a) Parent (b) friends(c) brothers (d) relationship3. Conflict in a family is a situation where family members are ………… (a) feeding themselves (b) involved in sharing of food (c) involve in a serious disagreement (d) having a party4. Which of the following best explain family values (a) family values are social living (b) family values depend upon each other for many things (c) family values are those things that family have or do because they are useful or popular (d) each family has family values5. Which of the following is not a factor influencing family values and family lifestyles (a) income (b) peace (c) size of the family (d) likes and dislikes6. Which of these best explains lifestyles (a) life style is the importance a family places on things (b) Life style is the proper planning and management of family …

Home Economics jss 3 practice questions for first term second term or revision

JSS 3 FIRST TERM Home Economics Past Question 1.  All the items that we wear with our clothes are called (a) accessories (b) jewellery (c) shoes (d) hats2. Your brothers and sisters are your (a) siblings (b) relations (c) aunties (d) nephews3. Which of the following is not a flooring covering (a) carpet (b) rug (c) wood (c) mat4. Which of the following is not a natural fibre (a) cotton (b) silk (c) wool (d) lines5. man made fibre is also known as ……….. (a) Natural (b) animal (c) synthetic (d) vegetable6. Which of these fabrics is most suitable for school uniform (a) nylon (b) silk (c) cotton (d) wool7. A person who creates new styles of clothes is called a fashion ………. (a) Model (b) designer (c) decorator (d) caterer8. Which of the following is not a sign of pregnancy (a) vomiting (b) nausea (c) breast enlargement (d) cessation of menstruation9. The complete set of clothes required by a newborn baby is called (a) clothing (b) layette (c) fabric (d) cloths10. Conflict resolution method…

Home Economics jss 1 first TERM examination

1. The vitamins found in fruits is called (a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin E (c) Vitamin D (d) Vitamin C2. The body organ that is responsible to balancing in movement is (a) skin (b) nose (c) leg (d) ear3. A narrow tube in the skin, where each hair grows is (a) Hair follicle (b) a pit (c) a scalp (d) an organ4. The common parasite that lives on the hairs is (a) dandruff (b) lice (c) germs (d) ring worm5. First set of teeth which human grow are called (a) wisdom teeth (b) junior teeth (c) child teeth (d) milk teeth6. Sweat is produced in the skin by (a) blood vessels (b) sweat glands (c) dermis (d) oil gland7. The process of caring for the hand and finger nail is (a) pedicure (b) hand care (c) manicure (d) finger nail care8. Which of the following prevent body odour due to sweat (a) deodorant (b) lotion (c) body cream (d) moisturizing cream9. The outer skin of human being is known as (a) outer skin (b) dermis (c) epidermis (d) dermatol10. Part of the tooth which we do not see is hidden in the…

Multiples of numbers

We can also do multiple of numbers by doing repeated addition

New Era Nursery Mathematics Book 3. Spectrum Books


Everyday Mathematics With Ugo C. Ugo

Based on the weekly Activities of the school Mathematics Quantitative English Verbal Class work Monday            1 to 5Tuesday            6 to 10 Wednesday       11 to 15 Thursday           16 to 20 Friday                 21 to 25  Homework Based on the weekly activities of the schoolMathematics Quantitative English Verbal Monday            26 to 30 Tuesday           31 to 35 Wednesday      36 to 40 Thursday          41 to 45 Friday                46 to 50

End Time Realities

Copied. Pls read with an open mind and allow it to minister to your heart

Please read this with God's wisdom:

1. Our generation hardly knows the true Jesus Christ of the Bible. We have created a 21st century Jesus in a mould that is convenient for us to follow. A flexible and docile Jesus that tolerates almost everything from his lukewarm followers.

2. Because of number 1, WELL OVER 90% of our churches are completely unknown to God (in the intimate sense of the word).

3. Because of number 2, WELL OVER 90% of our men of God were never called by God, or have forgotten their commission from God. Heaven has cut them lose, though they remain active in office. Most of the top General Overseers in the Church in Nigeria have been side-lined by heaven. They are running on old steam.

4. Because of number 3, WELL OVER 90% of our doctrines and practices are NOT in full sync with the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, there i…

Introduction to fine art jss 1 review questions

1. The degree of lightness or darkness in a work of art is _____________________.A. ColorB. ShapeC. ValueD. Form2. The response of vision to wavelengths of light is _______________________.A. ColorB. LineC. ShapeD. Space3. A symbol of direction: the boundaries of shape is ______________________.A. FormB. LineC. TextureD. Value4. A 2-D area enclosed by a line that establishes contour is __________________.A. SpaceB. FormC. ColorD. Shape5. A shape that has or appears to have volume or looks 3-D is ___________________.A. LineB. FormC. ShapeD. Space6. The way an artwork feels or appears to the touch is _______________________.A. TextureB. SpaceC. ValueD. Color7. Anything that is around and between forms, shapes and lines is ________________.A. TextureB. SpaceC. ShapeD. Color8. The primary colors are __________________.A. Red, Yellow and OrangeB. Green, Orange and VioletC. Red, Yellow and BlueD. Green, Orange and Blue9. The secondary colors are ______________.A. Red, Orange and YellowB. Gr…

Living things and non loving things

Living things are things that have lives in them. They can grow, eat or move. Examples of living things are men, women trees, rats, rabbits etc. 
Non living things are things that do not have lives in them. They cannot move, eat or grow. Examples of non living things are stones, baskets and table 

All living things are capable of doing some things in similar and these things that they can be in similar cam be collectively called              MR NIGER D
M=movement  R=Reproduction  N=Nutrition  I=Irritability  G=Growth  E=Excretion  R=Respiration  D=Death 

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Little drops of water

Just Drops!Recently, when I was going to bed after using my bathroom, I started hearing sound of drops of water from the tap in slow successions, but since it was dropping into an empty bucket, I decided to let it be.But, alas! When I woke up the next morning, around 5am, the bucket was almost full! I was surprised that just drops even in such slow successions could produce that much. I couldn't help it, 'Just drops?!' I questioned rhetorically.But the following night, I made sure that the tap in my bathroom was locked completely and I checked the bucket and saw that it was empty, though wet. Then I went to sleep.I guess you already know what I saw the next morning. The bucket was not wet as I had left it, but it was now dry!Then I realized the importance of a drop and how much difference it can make in all ramifications of one's life compared to a dry tap.Imagine letting the drops be for a year, I would be scooping with drums at the end of the year!So, how about that …

Motivation for today

*MOTIVATION FOR TODAY:**Don't complicate life. We won't be here forever. Once this day is over, it's gone forever. Your time is too valuable to waste on nonsense.**No matter what knocks you down in life, get back up and keep going.*
*Never give up. Great blessings are a result of great perseverance.**Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit.*
*Talk about your joys.**Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up.**Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.**Disappointments were not meant to destroy you. They were meant to strengthen you & give you fortitude to accomplish your God-given destiny.**We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but of appreciating what we do have.**Regrets are for pussies. Shit happens, deal with it and just enjoy the ride.**Yo…