Direct speech and Indirect speech

Direct speech is the actual words of the speaker. 
It is always written in quotation marks ("   ") 
Most direct speech are always written in present tense 
Examples of direct speech are 
1.Olu said" I am hungry "
2. Edet said" I can play football 
3. Sarah said " I have two pencils 

Indirect speech is also know as Reported speech. 
It is obtained when the actual words of the speaker is repeated by another person. 
Note that indirect speech is always introduced by..... That. 
Most indirect speech are always written in past tense because they are reported speech 

1. Olu said that He was hungry 
2.  Edet said that he could play football 
3.  Sarah said that she had two pencils 

Note that verbs are converted from present tense  to past tense 
Can will become could 
Has or have will become had
Am or is will become was 
May will become might 

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