Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tea Etiquette

Poise and grace 101


1) Its not poise to say :I want to drink tea or I am drinking tea

It's Nice to hear someone say :l'ld do tea, I'ld take tea or i'ld have tea

2) it's poise to stir your tea noiselessly

3) You don't sip your tea with spoon (S. I. P should please be pronounced as spelt, not as zip)

4) You don't leave your spoon in the tea when sipping your tea

5) You don't grab your cup with fist, its considered improper to stick out your pinkie finger when holding a glass ware or any cup at all

Count from your thumb, your pinkie is the last and smallest finger

6) you don't blow into your tea... Drink your tea when it is cool enough

And that's tea etiquette For you.

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