Saturday, December 31, 2016

*2017:* Knock! knock!! knock!!!
*2016:* Yes who is that?
*2017:* It's me 2017
*2016:* What can i do for you?
*2017:* I have come to remind u something
*2016:* What is that?
*2017:* I have come to remind you that your time is almost up

*2016:* and so? At least I still have a lot of people that will follow me
*2017:* I know, that is why I have come to tell you that this person reading this message should not be among them because he is going to be greater in the year 2017.
*2016:* Well, There is nothing I can do than to obey your order because you are higher than me. So this person is free from this year's untimely death and make sure you protect him during your time and remind 2018 too to pass it on to 2019 and so on.
*2017:* Thanks a lot my friend
*2016:* You are welcome
*2017*: Bye!
*2016:* Ok, bye!

*Just forward to those people you don't want to loose this year and for ever......*

*I beg send back if I'm one of them.....*

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