Thursday, December 29, 2016

Have you really checked the meaning of the word in a dictionary

Did you know that a young unmarried lady is not a Spinster?
Now let's look at some definitions in respect to this.

A Spinster is
1. An offensive term for a woman who has remained unmarried beyond the usual age (dated) – Microsoft Encarta 2009

2. An elderly unmarried woman (old maid) – The Free Dictionary
3. A woman who has never been married, especially one past the typical marrying age according to social traditions. – Wiktionary
4. A woman who seems unlikely to marry – Webster

Ok! Now what do we call a young unmarried lady hoping to get married soon?

Well, here you go! She is called . . . ? A Bachelorette! It's pronounced as /bàchələ rét/

1. An unmarried woman – Wiktionary
2. An unmarried woman – Webster
3. A young unmarried woman who lives alone -- The Free Dictionary
4. A young woman who has never been married—Microsoft Encarta 2009

So, now you know. When they call you a spinster or invite you to a "spinsters programme". Hope you learnt a thing. Be careful what you call yourself lady and don't go about inviting things you know little about into ur life....


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