Saturday, December 31, 2016

How to check your current tarrif plan for all network

I'm very sure that 90% of the mobile phone users out there don't really know the tariff plan they are currently on. Unfortunately, all network providers usually place their subscribers on expensive tariff plans so as to maximize profit, and since you're innocent, you just notice that your credit is always not enough to make calls whenever you attempt, you have to always recharge your phone so as to make that call(s)

Do you really know you can talk for hours with little credit? this can be so when you are on an affordable call tariff plan.
For instance you might think you are on Mtn iPulse not knowing that you're on Mtn Better Talk. Being on the right call tariff plan is indeed beneficial to you. It's best you migrate to a call tariff plan that offers low call rates and charges.
This article would educate you on How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan (All Networks)
How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan (All Networks) ?
Dial these codes on your device and you'll see the tariff plan you are:
MTN: Dial *123*1*2#
GLO: Dial #100#, If you get something like: USSDC:ESME unreachable, just keep redialing the code until it displays your current call tariff plan
ETISALAT: Dial *244*3#
AIRTEL: Dial *121*5*2#
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