Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ọlọ́run Ọba Yio Tọju Rè

5 (Five) days to Xmas & 11 (Eleven) days to the new year. As we welcome year 2017, I pray that OLORUN OBA *OLUTOJU* will take good care of you;

*AFINILOKANBALE* will give you rest of mind.

*AKENI* will nourish you.

*ADOJUTOTA* will put your enemies to shame.

*ALAKOSO IJI* will silence all storms in your life.

*ALANU* will continue to have mercy on you.

*OLULANA* will continue to pave way for you.

*ALASEPE* will perfect his work in your life.

*ADARIJINI* will forgive all your iniquities.

*ADUROTINI* will always be by your side and at any moment when you are deserted

*AGBENIGA* will lift you up in all your endeavours.

*APANILERIN* will always fill your mouth with laughter and joy.

Your glory will shine because of the *AWESOME* Grace and Power of *OLORUN OBA!*

May you continue to enjoy *IFOKANBALE* (peace of mind). Merry Xmas and Happy New year in advance.

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