Adjectives and Prepositions combine Together

Adjectives are word that are used to modify, qualify or add more meaning to Nouns or pronouns. 
Adjectives may be Descriptive, qualitative, quantitative, interrogative, possessive or d√©monstrative. 
     Examples of adjectives are many, few, big, short tall, this, huge, white, five, nine, mine, yours, that etc. 

Prepositions are words that are used to show the relationship that exist between two words. Prepositions are used to show are words are related. 
     Examples of pr√©positions are on, to, with, of, off beside, under, over, with, for, on, etc 
Combination of Adjectives and Pronouns 
Guilty of 
Accused of
Innocent of
Made of
Dead of 
Part of 
Prepared with 
Bad in
Good at
Done For 
Wet with