Giving Versus Praying


Giving is like watering. Giving is the only law for getting. Genesis 8:22. Praying is the law for growing. Giving is a must. It is what gives value to your prayers. 

Many people pray a lot, it is wonderful, but if you are not a giver you will have nothing to water. Prayer multiplies the seeds you have sown. The seeds could be money, time, kindness, love, physical labour. No farmer that plants his seed and does nothing will get the returns. 

The devil deceives many by making them pray without giving . Giving is planting while prayer is watering. So give to the needy, give to your family, give to the society. Keep giving and praying and you will keep reaping and receiving. So don't be asked first before you give. 

Giving must be your life style if receiving must be your daily experience. Be blessed.  Today is your day for receiving if only you will give.

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