Thursday, January 5, 2017

Help Gate 4 Impacting

Help gate is an impacting group, where we members stand up for each other and also help the needy.

You can advertise your work on our Facebook group , just search for HELP Gate and join.

You update us of any job vacancy u are aware of , by posting on FB and here , about the requirements and location too

Sharing of gift , this is where members can benefit from each other , if you have any abandon item at home, shoes, clothes, bag, or valuable item that are in good condition but u no longer have use for it feel free to snap and post it on FB and indicate your location for interested member

If you are into any hand work , u can also make an impact in those people that has interest in what u do but having financial problem by teaching for free or for token

 Then our charity program- this we will be going to diff state to make an impact to those in serious need , like widow, orphans, hospital patient, all this imbecile and special group, this we will be needing every member support to achieve big

 Then our seminar program took is like hook up where members will come together in their state to know each other as we are family and one irrespective of age, tribe,  religion or calibre , and that we will be doing empowerment and awareness of the group

Then helping a member seriously in need, as we all are facing one or two problem due to the situation of Nigeria ,but their are some problem that need urgent solution , which is when a member seek for help ,we will first do normal findings if the person is real or not before seeking help for such,  once we confirm all this is true, then we all will join hand

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