School Matters With Dideolu Adekogbe

School Matter with Dideolu Adekogbe

Personnel Management

Happy New Year and wishing you a great term ahead. 

The soul of every  business especially the school apart from fund is personnel. Handling personnel requires skill, knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding,
Good personnel management can grow and boost your business while bad management can ruin it.
Personnel (Teachers) can be very unreasonable, erratic, and unprofessional in their decision making, especially when it has to do with leaving the system suddenly. 
All school needs to do, is to be fair in carrying out operations for example, at the entry point after all recruitment procedure:
- give them appointment letter stating some basic facts about their job structure and expectations. What we find out here is that mist schools to give appointment letters and expect them to give notice when leaving. It doesn't work like that. That letter is a form of showing you value them and respect them. When you don't give it, they know you don't value their service and you can treat them anyhow, so when they have another option, they leave.
- give them staff handbook after confirmation, if you have it, this will let then know the school have for them and what is  expected from them.

Although those who will leave will still leave for flimsy reasons, if they ever talk because they are not meant to be.
Keep and cherish your staff

Management and staff meetings is expected. New outlook for whole school and particularly the classrooms is expected.
The old class displays wouldn't do again. 

There are new topics to be taught this term, so instructional materials to aid the learning of these concepts should be on display.

Wishing you a fulfilling great Term ahead 

Florish-Gate Consult's School Executives' Forum (SEF) comes up Thursday 23rd, February 2017.
Venue: Elomaz Hotel. Maryland, Ikeja,Lagos 
Details will be communicated soon 
Thank you.

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