Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two things that are not beneficial

*Two things that have no benefit*
1. Love without sacrifice
2. Marriage without love

*Two things that entrench love*
1. Good habits
2. Honesty

*Two things that destroy a man*
1. Living a fake life
2. Lack of focus

*Two things that destroy a woman*
1. Love for materialism
2. Imitation or comparison

*Two things that destroy friendship*
1. Lies
2. Backbiting or distrust

*Two things that enhance charisma*
1. Trustworthiness
2. Steadfastness in serving God

*Two things that bring about misery*
1. Disrespect for elders
2. False accusation

*Two things that bring about happiness*
1. Doing good deeds
2. Patience

*Two things that bring one close to God*
1. Reading & Studying the Word of GOD (swt)
2. Abiding by GOD's instructions

*Two things that make devil to keep away from one*
1. Be God fearing
2. Avoiding selfishness

*Two things that aid answers to prayers*
1. Fasting
2. Thanksgiving

*Two things that God loves*
1. Giving
2. Winning souls

*Two reasons why I sent this message to you*
1. Because you are God's servant
2. Because God loves you

*Two things I want you to do after you have read this message*
1. Use, work and adhere to this message
2. Send the message to your family and friends.
...God bless u richly,
I Love you..




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