Are there two Jesus

Are there two Jesus?

David your food is getting cold, Sarah called as her six years old son seemed to be glued to his Bible. She walked straight towards him and snatched the Bible from him angrily.
"I told you I am already late for work, moreover, what are you looking for?, for the past one week you seems to be inseparable from your Bible ", Sarah asked as she helped David to adjust his school uniform.

"Mom, I can't seem to find my answer , perhaps you may help me" David said.
"Okay Sweety but eat your food first and then you can ask your question in the car",she replied.
David was so excited, he was finally going to get an answer to the question that has been bothering him for long. Within a twinkle of an eye, he had finished up with his food. They entered into the car and as his mother drove on he asked "Mum, may I ask my question now? "
"Of course ",Sarah replied.
"Mum, are there two Jesus? "
"Hmn, what did you say?", Sarah asked to be sure she heard her son well.
"Mom, are there two Jesus? ",he repeated it
"Will you shut up, what sort of blasphemy is that, who has been teaching this heresy? ", Sarah asked angrily. David was now shaky "Our new teacher taught us that......... "
"Oh oh, your new teacher has been feeding you with such heresies, no problem I will go and see him before going to my office, better I go late than leave you like this" Sarah interrupted her son. When they got to the school, the morning devotion had already started. Sarah walked straight to the teacher not minding if she was going to disturb the other children.
"What have you been teaching my son?, if you aren't capable to be a teacher then resign, okay? ". Before the teacher could say anything, Sarah had slapped her, the proprietress' attention was called to this and they were all ordered into her office. Both parties narrated their own part of the story. The proprietress brought David closer to himself who was now shedding tears. She calmed him down and asked "why did you think there are two Jesus? "

Still crying he said "Our teacher told us that Jesus is our father and his children behave exactly like him. He said Jesus does not steal, lie, fight or stay away from church and that his children are the same ". David answered and sobbed.
"Okay, that's true but that is not enough reason for you to believe that there are two Jesus ",the proprietress said as she wiped David's tears. "Is there any other thing we need to know, don't be afraid, tell me what your teacher said, he won't flog you ?"
"My mum told me she is Jesus' daughter, she use to sing "I am a Jesus baby.... ",but mum still fights. I saw her take daddy's money last month and when daddy asked, she denied it. This morning, she even fought with daddy. So I thought probably Mummy's Jesus was different from my teacher's Jesus. That was why I was searching my Bible to see if I will find my mummy's Jesus.
By this time ,a mist of tears had gathered in Sarah's eyes, she was so ashamed, she could not look into her son's eyes........
DO Your Character Make People Question If You Serve a Different Jesus? Repent.
Gud evening everyone๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜…

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