Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Pastor


To every genuine Pastor labouring in the Vineyard, living his or her life like a poured out libation, please be encouraged. God sees your efforts.

To every Pastor, who has been badly criticised by those you pray for day and night. Please remember you still have to continue doing this. You have a mandate from the One that called you to not stop.

To every Pastor who has shown Integrity in Word and Deed and yet under-appreciated, my prayers are with you this day. God sees and will reward you.

To every Pastor who wants to love Jesus first before teaching others how to love Him. May you continue to grow deeper in the knowledge of our God.

To every Pastor who has been a victim of malicious gossip. We can only pray for mercy on such people simply because they don't know how much of God's wrath that is hanging on their lives.

To every Pastor going through an emotional, financial or family struggle. I pray help comes your way speedily.

To every Pastor who desires a higher place in Christ and Ministry. May God answer you according to the desires of your heart.

To every Pastor who would never see another Pastor as his competitor. May God continue to position you ahead of the crowd.

It's a New Day. Be Strong!

It's a New Day. You are loved!

Times when you feel they don't really care, please remember someone somewhere truly does care...

Times when you laboured despite an ailing body or traumatised heart. Trust that you will always have my Respect.

Please remember, He that called you is the One to look up to and He will always reward you abundantly. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thank you for giving yourself to the Lord...
Your life has saved many...
Your words have pulled many out of bondage and suicide...
Some regained hope after they heard you preach..
Lives are dependent on you...

For the Joy of one more life coming to Jesus...Please DON'T GIVE UP!

Brighter Blessings Pastor!

(Even if you are not a Pastor, please send these prayers of encouragement to every GENUINE Pastor you know. Thank you.)

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