Friday, April 14, 2017

This life... What is life

When you die, don't worry.
Don't be concerned over your decaying body
because people will take care of what is
*They will..
*1 - Buy you new white clothes
*2 - Wash you
*3 - Take you out of your home
*4 - to your new place of stay (the grave)
*5 - Many will come to bid farewell at your
funeral - infact many will cancel work for the
sake of your burial, even though most of them
didn't know you whilst you were alive.
*6 - Your belongings will be gotten rid of:
* your cars
* your cheque books
* your bags
* your shoes
* your clothes
* Your job, someone else will take your position*
* Your wealth will go to inheritors
* Whereas you will remain to be questioned about
every minor and major deed
* There will be 3 types of mourners over you
* 1- The people who knew you only at face value
will say 'poor man'
* 2- Your friends will grieve for hours or days but
then return to laughter
* 3- The deep grief at your household will last for
a week, two weeks, a month, 2-months or even a
* And thereafter they will add you to their
* And so your story amidst the people ended
* And your story with the reality begins, *where
will you spend Eternity*
* And that is the life after death
* Indeed, these things left you:-
* 1- Beauty
* 2- Wealth
* 3- Health
* 4- Children
* 5- The mansions
* 6- Your spouse
* And your real life has just started, *Eternity*.
* The question here is....
* What have you prepared for your Eternity or
hereafter ?
* This reality needs to be thought over
* Take care of..
* 1- Salvation
* 2- Sanctification
Don't forget your Prayers
* And don't forget to pass this message on to
many...* Because once you close your eyes in 
death the only property that will remain left to
you is *"your relationship WITH GOD".*
Where will you spend Eternity, Heaven or Hell.
Live a holy life my Brothers & sisters. God bless

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