The Believer's Warfare

Fighting with understanding

Thing you must know and do before you enter into battle

1: Ensure whose side you are on:It is dangerous to fight the devil when there is sin in your life. Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness.

2:You must understand the conflict: know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principlities and power, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places... Ephn 6:12

3:Recognise the enemies.there re 3 enemies
a)the flesh gal 5:17
b)the world 1john2:5
c)the devil 2tim2:25-26

4:Prepare for war: you must enter into battle with the strenght and power of God, puting on the the whole armour of God Ephn 6:11 and 13

5:You must fight with God s weapon
a)the belt of truth:- if you want to defeat the devil always say the truth.
prov 14:19

b)the helmet of salvation:- make sure you are in right standing with God

c)the shield of faith:- mark 11:22-23 fight with the conciousness that you have victory

d)the word of God...the word is the sword with which we fight the devil.
Plug into power and connected to power through fervent prayer,contant study of the word and constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Cultivate an attitude of worship...

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