What is really meaningful

My dear Try to read

and transfer,

it is a true life story.

A lady on a sick bed,

dreamt that prophet Muhammad (s a w)

gave her

water to drink and

when she

got up in the morning,

she was

healed. She saw a

written note

beside her saying

Prophet Muhammad

(S a w)

Is the first and last prophet.the next day she told

everybody what

happened to

her. A police officer

heard about

it and sent it to 13

persons by

sms. After 13days,

he was

promoted at work.

Another man

received this

message and

deleted and he had

great loss

for 13days. Please try

to send

this message to 13 or


people and something


happen. Sorry for


you, I am d  servant of God , I

really have

time for u, I love u

and will

always bless u. Give

me 30mins

of ur time,

. Pls send

this message

through the whole

world before

midnight. Dont cut

this message

and I will help with

something u

need. A blessing is on


way.Don't ignore this


You are being put to

test and He

is preparing 2 do great

things for u

in ur life. If u trust in

God, send

this message and

tomorrow will

be a nice day for you.

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