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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Daily adverb and Adjectives that you can use to form remarkable comments on pupils continuous assessment cards

The era of stale,  unrepoductive callous remarks has far gone as teachers can now be more creative with comments and remarks by using the following Adverbs and Adjectives 

Report Card Thesaurus

Looking for some great adverbs and adjectives to bring to life the comments that you put on report cards? Go beyond the stale and repetitive With this list, your notes will always be creative and unique.


attentive, capable, careful, cheerful, confident, cooperative, courteous, creative, dynamic, eager, energetic, generous, hard-working, helpful, honest, imaginative, independent, industrious, motivated, organized, outgoing, pleasant, polite, resourceful, sincere, unique


always, commonly, consistently, daily, frequently, monthly, never, occasionally, often, rarely, regularly, typically, usually, weekly

Examples of remarkable comments that we can make are as follows 

He always does his best in whatever he does 

Abraham has consistently displayed great eagerness and commitment to his studies 

Tomisin regularly reads and recites her nursery rhymes 

James is always attentive in class 

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