Funny but Tru

*1*. Remember Further Maths (aka _Additional Mathematics_) ???😏
They warned you that it'd be tough so you committed to listening attentively from the very beginning...😜
*2*. ...things started very well. 2a+8a = 10a. Easy beans😀. You are happy🤣. This thing is not so hard. You are following it. Very happy.
*3*. Then slowly, you don't see any number again, just letters fighting Jackie Chan on the board; Sin 0/Cos 0 = A/Bx find *x*.... ahan☹. You vexed!😡
*4*. You went back to your note, & started thinking, "at what point did I miss it? Why did the teacher eliminate numbers? Why is *"x"* important?"😕
*5*. You say ok, may be it is just this part. Then the teacher goes, find *x* if α%*¤< + & @%β^ = &^^# *x*. 😳
You ask the teacher, _"please give us a clue Sir"_🤗
*6*. In your head🤔, you are thinking, "how can you tell me to find *x* when I can't even find all the things surrounding *x*?"😱
*7*. At that point, you start to dream about your blessed and assured *"F"* 😢in WAEC. To avoid it, you look for a friend to explain better to you.
*8*. This time, you didn't even look👀 for the girl 👱‍♀you were tripping for to come teach you because this time...u really want to learn✍
*9*. You remember your parents, the school fees and the *" F*" you were already dreaming about😴. You didn't fool yourself. You looked for your guy🚶.
*10*. You even bought that expensive Further Maths text book. That one where after page one, everything else is written in tongues🤑😛😝.
*11*. You bought rechargeable lamp🔦💡. Called your mum to bring more provisions🍟🌮🧀 because "I now read at night 🙇‍♀and I get hungry"
*12*. You meant business. You want to know how ordinary numbers suddenly changed to Chinese language before your eyes🙊
*13*. Your friend is even kind. He started with BODMAS. He makes you understand that nothing in Further Maths is beyond BODMAS. You are happy😅. Easy.😬
*14*. After two hours of learning, you got everything🤓. Your friend should be a teacher you thought👻. He teaches better. Wow!🤜👍 You feel really good!
*15*. Back in the hostel alone, you picked two easy "problems," did wuru wuru 😇to the answer. You checked the back for answer. Yay! You gorrit!😂😂🤣
*16*. Back in class, the teacher is not even writing letters that you know again😒☹, he has gone Greek on you. Tetha, Beta, Alpha...argh!🤐
*17*. As if that wasn't evil (even) enough, he combines them, "tan _tetha_" "cos _tetha_" and he draws one snake that look like _*S*_ like this.......!!!😳😳
*18*. That was the point the *"F"* in your dream😶 became flesh and formed tears on your face😫😩. You must call mummy. You know that📱.
*19*. Then something in you said🤔, don't call📱 her. She will think you are an _*Olodo*😧_ if you don't do "Science class". So you didn't bother.
*20*. You simply just gave yourself brain🤡🤠. Ran faster🏃 than _light_ to see what was happening in *Art Class*👨‍🏫
*21*. They were teaching them _"the Macpherson constitution"_ and what made the _"Clifford constitution"_ different.
*22*. Then they spoke about the _"Motion for Independence"_ and the _"1979 constitution."_ You felt at home.🏘
*23*. Next day, you take the Further Maths text books and all the big books like it, over to CMS. *Sell them all !!!* 😜😝
LOLzzz 😀!
*24*. This is a true life story of real people who were really brilliant but had no business in "Science Class" but *"had"* to be there... just to form _Alagbará_💪
*25*. Society insists; smart people are in Science Class. The others join Art Class. This is tragic and really this ought to stop soon!
*26*. There are no dumb people. You are smart at what you thrive at and most of us thrive at something...
*27*. That I can't thrive at what you thrive that doesn't make me dumb. Usain Bolt will outrun 🏃🏃‍♀LeBron James on the track. But in B'Ball⛹⛹‍♀🏀? ..James wins !
*28*. To this day, some of you still judge yourself based on what your friends are achieving🥇🎖🏅🥈🥉. Please, judge yourself against yourself alone!🎭
*30*. Don't make your life like football⚽ leagues where you check on the results of others to feel

Parents please help our children be that which they will excel at😀.

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