In each of the following items, you are given two pairs of words

In each of the following items you are given two pairs of words then a fifth word. Look carefully at the two pairs and notice how the two words in each pair are related. Then look at the fifth word and choose from the words labeled A to D the one which is related to the fifth word in the same way as the words of the first two pairs are related

Example: Lump slump, tab stabs late _____ (a) lasts (b) state (c) slates (d) slate Ans = C
Grates grade, mate made, fate __________ (a) fade (b) fate (c) feed (d) fats
Throw row, fright eight, grate _________ (a) rat (b) rate (c) ate (d) tea
Goals got, lesson let, manor _________ (a) man (b) mad (c) mat (d) mast
Tale stall, male small, tile ___________ (a) stall (b) still (c) stile (d) stale
Tease test, pease pest, lease __________ (a) lest (b) least (c) leave (d) ease

Part B: Write out the group words that describes what the other words are
Sample: (a) six (b) ten (c) number (d) twenty Ans = Number
(a) hoe (b) hammer (c) saw (d) tool Ans = _______
(a) Jacket (b) clothing (c) blouse (d) shirt Ans = _______
(a) hour (b) time (c) minute (d) second Ans = _______
(a) ambulance (b) bus (c) lorry (d) vehicle Ans = _______
(a) person (b) boy (c) man (d) girl Ans = _______

Part C: In each of the following items, pick out the one word that does not belong to the group

Sample: (a) rat (b) lizard (c) dog (d) yam Ans = Yam is the odd one (d)
(a) knife (b) spoon (c) cutlass (d) axe Ans = _______
(a) orange (b) mango (c) apple (d) cassava Ans = _______
(a) planting (b) weeding (c) harvesting (d) selling Ans = _______
(a) pleasant (b) kind (c) nice (d) foolish Ans = _______
(a) cry (b) mourn (c) weep (d) smile Ans = _______

Part D: In each of the following items a word is missing. Choose from the given alternatives the word that most suitably fills the space

Example: Food and water
Eat and _____ (a) drink (b) dinner (c) talk (d) mouth Ans = drink
Eye and Light
Ear and _______ (a) song (b) sound (c) speaking (d) hearing
Master and Apprentice
Teacher and ______ (a) headmaster (b) school (c) pupil (d) classroom
Ship and Harbor
Train and _____ (a) rail (b) coaches (c) station (d) passengers
Happy and Success
Sad and _____ (a) punishment (b) failure (c) death (d) poor
Beginning and End
Sunday and ______ (a) rest (b) Monday (c) Saturday (d) December

Part E: Study the following codes and consider the questions on them
Samples: Come is written as ocean
Water is written as awetr
Kettle is written as etttel
Met is written as emt

Rewrite the following in codes
APNIT = ______________
HCRUHC = _____________
EBTA = ____________
LAMB = ____________
BOXES = _____________

Part F: Fill the gaps with the right option from the given alternatives
Barracks, Hole, Nest, House, Web

Samples: King = Palace Lion = Den
Spider = ___________________
Rat = _______________________
Soldier = ______________________
Man = _________________________
Bird = ________________________

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