The Need, Urge and Importance of Open days in Private Schools


What are the importance or benefits of Open day in schools... What is the purpose of Open day.. 
Why is it necessary in the first instance.. Does it really worth it.. 

Open day is a day that is specifically set aside by school management so that parents can come to school to check out their wards or children work 

             During open days, parents are allowed to ask as many questions as possible pertaining to the welfare of their children learning at that particular school. It is hence cardinal for parents to feel free to interact with teachers and school administrators during such occasions.
Though parents have the right to meet teachers and administrators at any time of the school term, open days provide them with the chance to chat with people tasked with the responsibility of caring for their cherished children.

Besides that, parents are allowed to find out how much money they owe in terms of user fees and at the same time discuss with school management on how best to deal with payment of school fees. This will definitely result in pupils to continue learning without being sent away from school if they fail to pay fees in good time.
The parents are also given chance to physically check on the infrastructure and equipment that are found at the school their children attend.

Let us all take open days seriously as parents, teachers, school management and pupils. By working together and supporting each other, a lot can be achieved in the education of our children for the betterment of All.. 

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